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Inniskeel Island

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The Island of Inniskeel has a sacred interest in the present and the past with a long, if broken, history to commemorate its former greatness. It is still the seat of a must-frequented pilgrimage in honour of St. Connell, one of the most remarkable of Ireland’s early Saints. It contains his Church and his cell and in it repose his scared remains in the grave that had first closed over the body of his illustrious friend, St. Dallan.

There seems to be no ground for questioning the popular belief that St. Connell founded the buildings, which still remain. At the same time substantial parts were certainly rebuilt at a later period.

The year of St. Connell’s birth is not known with exactness. He died about 596. His name is forever linked with famous Cain Domnaigh, a law prohibiting servile works on Sunday. The prohibition was from Vespers on Saturday evening to Monday morning and should delight the heart of sabbatarian by its exacting observance, did it not in other respects unmistakably savour of Catholic practice. In the “Yellow Book of Lecan” the Cain is prefaced by a statement of its being brought from Rome by St. Connell, on an occasion of a pilgrimage made by him to the Eternal City. Our chroniclers make two notable statements in regard to it. They say it was written by the hand of God in Heaven and placed on the Altar of St. Peter, and secondly that it was brought from Rome by St. Connell. Now, however, one may be inclined to explain away either or both statements, there is no mistaking the avowal of respect they imply for Roman authority nor any serious reason for calling the pilgrimage itself into question. The Cain Domnaigh was never enacted by the states or councils of Erin. That it was believed to have been brought from Rome sufficed to spread its sway.

Dallan was born in Feallach Eatbach, which is taken to be Tullyhain in Cavan. Nothing that parental care could accomplish was left undone to perfect his education in scared and secular subjects. At an early age in his career he lost the use of his eyes. Notwithstanding this dismal failure he became the most eminent man of letters in Ireland. He was antiquarian, philosopher, rhetorician and poet all in one. He was the literary chief, the file laureat of Erin in his day. A saint’s life and a martyr’s death crown the glory of his fame. His best known works are the “Amhra Coluim Cille” or written panegyric on Columcille, a funeral oration on St. Senan, Bishop of Inniscattery, and a panegyric on St. Connell Coel. He was beheaded by pirates who plundered the island. His death occurred about 594. St. Dallan’s Feast occurs on the 29th January.

Directions for Making Saint Connell’s Station

  1. The Pilgrim kneeling at St. Connell’s Well says an Act of Contrition, 7 Our Fathers, 7 Hail Marys, 7 Glorias and the Creed. Where water drips from the rock over the Well he says 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys and sprinkles himself with the water.
  2. Kneeling at St. Connell’s bed 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, 3 Glorias and the Creed are said.
  3. At The Three Piles of Stones the pilgrim says 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Marys, 5 Glorias and the Creed while making the circuit of each pile three times.
  4. At the Small Well, scared to the Virgin Mary, kneeling the pilgrim says 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Marys, 5 Glorias and the Creed and sprinkles himself with the water.
  5. While proceeding to Large Stone behind the Churchyard, prayers are said for the suffering souls in Purgatory. In making the circuit of the Stone three times, 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Marys, 5 Glorias and a creed are said.
  6. A circuit of the Church of St. Connell and his cell is made three times, during which 7 decades of the Rosary are recited. These decades may be finished kneeling inside the Church at the Altar Stone. Kneeling here the pilgrim also prays for the Pope’s intentions, and his own intentions.
  7. Kneeling and looking out of the Church door the pilgrim says 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, 3 Glorias and the Creed in honour of Saints Connell and Dallan, and to obtain for the pilgrim the benefits of the Station.

Patrick MacGill

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Patrick MacGill was born in 1889 in the Glen of Glenties, and was the first of eleven children. After a mere three years’ schooling, Patrick left at ten and after two years’ work on the home patch of land set out at twelve as one of a party of Donegal youngsters for the hiring fair in Strabane.

MacGill’s literary career began in1910, he asked The Derry Journal to print some poems. At that time he was working as a plate-layer on the Glasgow – Greenock line of the Caledonian Railway. Shortly afterwards he moved to London and had ‘Children of the Daed End’ and the ‘Rat Pit’ published. They were best sellers. MacGill wrote more novels, some with an Irish setting and some with an English background, but never again did he achieve the intensity of these two novels, that really form a single work.

St. Connell's Museum & Heritage Centre

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History of its Foundation and Development
Compiled by Danny Boyle

As a result of a local historical study by a small group of people interested in the history, customs and traditions of the parish of Inniskeel, they were invited to present a programme on RTE’s Community Radio when it Visited Glenties in August of 1982. From that programme the idea was mooted that as there was so much local historical information available it should be preserved in a permanent way.
Arising from that a meeting was held in the Market Hall, Glenties, on 1st August, 1983, with the following persons in attendance: –
Mary Campbell, Nora Breslin, Mannix Boyle, Eugene Boyle, Liam Briody and Danny Boyle.
The first Officer – Board appointed was:

Mary Campbell —– Chairperson
Mannix Boyle —– Secretary
Nora Breslin & Liam Briody —– Joint-Treasurers.

Those officers with, Eugene Boyle, and Danny Boyle, were the founding members of the new Centre.
The decision was taken to set up a museum to keep safe from loss the historical information at hand as well as the many artefacts, which were available and suitable for display.
It was agreed that the Centre would cater for an area covering a large section of South-West Donegal.
They immediately took steps to lease from the Donegal County Council a portion of the local Courthouse which was considered to be a suitable location for the project..


In the 1973 publication, “Court Houses and Market Houses of the Province of Ulster”, by CEB Brett the author states that “unusually for the small townships of West-Donegal Glenties has both a Market blouse and a Courthouse”.

He continues: –

“The courthouse is surprisingly sophisticated. It is a variant on William Caldbeck’s standard design, of five bays and two storeys, with hipped roof, built over a basement containing the bride well cells. The two end bays project, and the roof over sails the central bays. In the upper storey are five large round-headed windows, set in recesses and plain round-headed architraves, with their original glazing; the doors are set between simplified pilasters supporting pediment-shaped heads. The eaves have square modillions; the imposing chimneys form an integral part of the composition. The quality of the stonework is uncommonly high throughout. The original courtroom furnishings, including high box-pews, remain quite unaltered.”

“This building was the cause of acrimony between the Grand Jury and the Lord Lieutenant. The Grand Jury considered it “unnecessary and inexpedient” in view of the propinquity of the new courthouse at Donegal; His Excellency differed, and directed them to build it, at a cost of £900. This sum they resolutely refused to vote, on the advice of their Surveyor, who suggested that £650 would be more than adequate. After an exchange of stiff memoranda and resolutions the Grand Jury was constrained, with very poor grace, to give way. The building was in fact completed in 1843.
The Grand Jurymen of Co. Donegal were as parsimonious as they were stiff- necked”

This Courthouse has never been physically altered since it was first opened and is now a very valuable built-heritage in South-West Donegal. The authenticity and the antiquity of this room preserves the integrity of Irish courts from the last century.
It was this that attracted the Producers of the film serial “The Hanging Gale” to the Courthouse. They had searched the County for such a building and on discovering Glenties found a Courtroom which generated the necessary atmosphere and where the set was more than a facade.

The Courtroom and the basement including the Bridewell Cells, continue to be part of the Museum’s exhibition

Down the years many people have passed through the doors of the Courthouse with fear and trepidation, some without hope, but those coming to view this place now – a – days are assured of a friendly and hospitable welcome.
Inside the main door is the, Courtroom which after over 150 years has settled down to lie grimly untouched over its gruesome basement.

It was Goldsmith who once said “that laws grind the poor and rich men rule the law.”
That was only too true in the early years of this buildings existence.
Like the poor woman in the aftermath of the Great Famine who stole, the loaves of bread to feed her starving children. It was in this Courtroom that she suffered the harsh sentence of separation from her children. Reprieved at the last moment she was much more fortunate than the men who stole the sheep belonging to the local landlord. Transported to Van Diemans Land. But they weren’t so unlucky after all, because when they left their so called convict days behind them they went on to become prominent and very successful citizens of that new world.

If this Courtroom could only talk what stories it could tell about man’s inhumanity, particularly in, the dreadful early years of its existence.

In those early years the Magistrate’s writ was largely in favour of the Landlord and the other well to do. Power was on their side, but power without justice is always tyranny, and that was what the people suffered under in the second half of the last century.

From it’s opening over 150 years ago until the Treaty in 1921 a contingent of the British Army kept guard at Glenties Courthouse.
This was the environment in which Padraig Pearse, leader of the Easter week Rebellion, found himself when in 1912 he defended a local farmer who was charged for displaying his name in Irish on his cart.

When a prisoner was found guilty he or she was taken down stairs to be lodged in an uninviting iron-door cell in the basement.

The British Army evacuated the Courthouse after the Treaty was signed and was replaced by a contingent from the new Free State Army.
Their biggest task was to guard the large number of Republican prisoners held in Glenties Jail until the end of the Civil War.

Those Bridewell cells were never again used as a holding centre for prisoners, but proved and continue to prove to be a great attraction for visitors to the Museum and Heritage Centre.


At this stage it was decided to enlarge the Committee and a further ten persons were invited to join.
Thomas Gildea and John Gallagher became members on 27th August 1983. Larry Lonergan joined on 15th May 1984.
Hugo Mc Dyer, Paddy O’Donnell, Packie Boyle, John Timoney and Foncie O’Donnell, became members on 12th January 1985. At a later meeting in January John Me Loone joined.

At a meeting on 5th January, 1985, the following were appointed as official Trustees to the Centre: –
John Gallagher, Eugene Boyle, Thomas Gildea, Mannix Boyle, Mary Campbell and Danny Boyle.

An enormous amount of work was accomplished by the members in repairing the building, constructing furniture, cleaning artefacts, and mounting exhibits.
All this work was done on a voluntary basis and the Committee prides itself on the fact that it continues to be a voluntary body.

In view of the direction which the project was taken it was agreed that the apt name for it should be “St. Connell’s Museum & Heritage Centre”. St. Connell being patron saint of the Parish of Inniskeel.


The committee was now able to turn its attention to the collection of suitable items for exhibition and the members were surprised at the generosity of the people who donated so many items of great interest. Some of the organisers had personal collections of great historical value and those provided the foundation around which exhibitions were formed.
The personal collections consisted of Donegal Railways memorabilia and artefacts; and material concerning the great poverty of the last century including memorabilia and artefacts from the old Glentie
s Workhouse. Those collections got the Centre off to a flying start but are only a small portion of an array which has been amassed from nearly every home over a wide area.

The Centre opened its doors to the general public at 7 p.m. on Friday 15th August,1986.

Lack of space was preventing the display of much valuable material and steps had to be taken to provide more rooms for the presentation of further exhibitions.
As a result the members of the Committee arranged for the purchase of the, site adjoining the Courthouse, which was currently in use as a handball alley by a local club. The club was anxious to vacate this site as they had plans to transfer their handball activities to their own complex outside of town.
After procuring this site application was made through the County Council for a grant to build a purpose built Museum and this was obtained from the E.E.C. Structural Fund. The amount of the grant was £ 90,000 and 25% had to be contributed by the local committee. A grant of £10,000 was got from the National Lottery.

Antoin Mac Gabhann, B. Arch., M.R.I.A.I., Letterkenny, was appointed as the Architect and after consultation with the Centre’s committee he drew up the plans of the new building. Those were, approved in course and the architect then advertised and invited tenders for the building of the new museum. Mr. Frank Connaghan, Contractor, of Glenties won the contract and shortly afterwards building commenced.
The building was completed in 1991.

The museum committee now had a new building on their hands but it was essential to fit it out properly. It was evident that this was also going to prove, to be an expensive part of the development.

Then tragedy struck with the unexpected death of the Centre’s Secretary. Mannix Boyle had been one of the principal driving forces behind the, founding of the Museum and, indeed, in some of the bad early days it was he who kept the ideal alive when nearly everyone else had tired and would have given up on it. Truly he did a remarkable administrative job in his position as Secretary, and it is fitting that his memory is fondly kept by means of the engraved plaque on permanent display in the Local Study Room on the top floor of the New- Building
Mannix died in May 1993.

During its short enough lifetime the committee had a very close and friendly association with a small number of cross-border Heritage Centres, including The, Transport and Folk Museum, Cultra, Co. Down, and the Derry City Museum. The committee was encouraged to apply for financial assistance from the Joint Interreg Programme for Northern Ireland and Ireland (1991-1993), and because of the cross-border relationship it was successful in obtaining grant- aid of £89,000; of course 25% of this figure had to be a local contribution. The new building was opened as a visitor facility in the 1993 Season.

In order to qualify for the Interreg grant it was necessary for the Centre to become a legal entity. For that reason the Committee became registered as a co-operative under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act.
It was officially registered by the Registrar of Friendly Societies on 23rd July, 1993, as ” St. Connell’s Museum & Heritage Centre Society Ltd. The officers of the Co-op. are as follows:-
Chairperson ——– Liam Briody
Vice – Chairperson ——– Nora Breslin
Treasurer ———- Eugene Boyle Secretary ———- Danny Boyle.
The membership of the new Co-op. was as under:-
Nora Quinn, John Timoney, John Me Loone, Jimmy Fletcher, Packie Boyle, Charlie Ward, Hugo Mc Dyer, Richard Me Cafferty, Paddy O’ Donnell, Foncie O’Donnell, Gerry Boyle ; with the members of the Officer Board

Since the preparation of this report it is with great sadness that we note with the deepest regret the deaths of two of our most outstanding members, Jimmy Fletcher and Foncie O’ Donnell. Both of them are greatly missed

Note that the Courtroom continues to be used for District Court purposes. Monthly Courts are held with the exception of July and August i.e. 10 courts in the year. The Courtroom is used as part of the Museum exhibitions on all other days.

St. Therese of Lisleux

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The following is an extract from “St. Therese of Lisleux, the Little Flower of Jesus”

Dear Rev. Father,

Your letter was sent on to me here. The facts concerning the extraordinary cure of my wife are as follows:
She was in indifferent health for nearly three years and on January 24th last she gave birth to a child, which two days later, according to promise, received the name Mary Frances Teresa. However, puerperal fever set in, and finally – it was 2am on the morning of the 27th – three doctors and the priest thought it was all over. She lingered until the forenoon.
We were making, as you know, a novena to the Little Flower and more than once a remark was passed: “She is so busy, I wonder if she will think of poor Donegal!” Evidently she did think of it and she “came down”, as she promised to do and comforted us all.

About eleven o’clock my little Kathleen, a child of four years, who had promised to make her First Communion in honour of Sister Therese if her mother was cured, came into the house with a bunch of most lovely snowdrops. There were exactly six. She said a nun had given them and had told her to take them to father for mamma and mamma would be cured. The flowers were put into water, but nothing was thought of the “nun” until after a time the room, and even the whole house, began to be filled with a strange, sweet perfume. Snowdrops, of course, have no perfume. However, we traced it to the flowers and then investigated the child’s story.
The nun, according to the little one, came down from the skies and put the flowers in her hand, adding the above message for my dying wife. It seems the apparition was dressed in white; the child also noticed the beauty of the face and the hands and how quickly she flew away when she had delivered her message. I may add that there were no nuns in the neighbourhood and no snowdrops either.

Thank God my wife recovered promptly! One of the doctors had certified that it was an incurable case of infectious septicemia, but that she now enjoys better health than she has done for two years. After a most careful enquiry we are all convinced the child’s statement was perfectly correct. The flowers retained their wonderful scent for the space of a week. One of the doctors carried off two of them to a friend who was very ill and they perfumed that house also.

I hope her “visit” to Donegal will make the little saint more loved than ever. What a gracious way she has of doing good upon earth.

Yours sincerely,

Michael McNelis. J. P. April 12th. 1913

Footnote: The lady who was cured was Mary McNelis. This great event took place in the town land of Gortnamuclagh on the Narin/Glenties Road. Kathleen McNelis later became Mrs. Comerford. She died in Malahide, Dublin within the past year.

Glenties Notes on 6th August 2007

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Congratulations to Alison Mc Dyer, Ard Mc Gill, Glenties and Kieran Mc Monagle, Letterkenny who were married in Glenties on Friday last. 

Congratulations to Martin Kennedy, Main St. Glenties and Ann Marie Mc Bride, Gweedore who were married in Derrybeg on Saturday last.

Congratulations to Pindy and Frank O’ Donnell, Belfast on the birth recently of their first child, a baby boy (Max, Patrick).  Frank is a son of Paddy and Kathleen O’ Donnell, Ardconnell, Glenties.

Sincere sympathy is extended to Gerard Mc Dwyer and family, Derries, Glenties on the death in England of Gerard’s sister, Bernadette Byrne, which took place recently; also to all the relatives and friends.

Mass will be celebrated next Sunday 12th August, in Edeninfagh Graveyard at 3.00p.m.

The Annual Church Gate Collection for the County Donegal Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped will be taken up before all the Masses next weekend ~ Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August.

The Little Sisters of the Poor have been given permission by Bishop Boyce to collect in the Diocese of Raphoe once a year.  This year they will be in the Glenties area from Monday 20th August until Saturday 25th August.  Their aim is to raise funds for the upkeep of Homes for the Elderly in the care of their Congregation.

Glenties Notes on 21st May 2007

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A Coffee Morning will be held in aid of the Irish Cancer Society on Sunday 27thMay at 12 pm in the Community Centre, Glenties.  Everyone is welcome so come along and support this very worthy cause.


On Saturday 12th May 2007 Nabla Mc Loone and John Mc Auley were married in the Church of the Holy Family, Edeninfagh, Glenties.  Fr. Francis Mc Loone, uncle of the bride officiated and celebrated Nuptial Mass.  Nabla is a daughter of John and Kathleen Mc Loone, Cornagrillagh, Glenties and John is a son of Danny and Margaret Mc Auley, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  Her father gave the bride away and she was attended by her sisters, Máire O’ Neill and Eibhlin Scott.  The groom’s brother, Paul was bestman and his cousin Kevin Scullion was groomsman.  Readings were by Sean Mc Loone, brother of the bride and Lucia Bradley, cousin of the groom.  Seamus Mc Loone, Nabla Mc Carthy, Neal Burns and Aileen Cassidy read Prayers of the Faithful.  The Gifts were brought to the Altar by the parents of the bride and groom.  A Reflection was read by the bride’s uncle, James Mc Loone.  Music was by the Laughlin sisters.  The reception was held in Jackson’s Hotel, Ballybofey and the honeymoon is being spent in Canada.


Congratulations to David Molloy, Glenties and Michelle Delaney, Claremoris, Co. Mayo, who were married in Claremoris on Saturday last.

Glenties Notes on 7th May 2007

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Congratulations again to the forty three boys and girls from the five schools in the Parish who received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Philip Boyce in St. Connell’s Church Glenties on Sunday 29th April 2007 – Scoil Mhuire – Laoise Ward, Ciarán Thompson, Dawid Stanislawczyk, Colleen O‘Donnell, Stephen Molloy, Oonagh Molloy, Naomi Molloy, Mark Molloy, Rachel Mc Nelis, Brian Mc Loone, David Mc Kelvey, Kevin Mc Gettigan, Donna Kennedy, Ciarán Curran, Ryan Connaughton, Killian Doherty, Patrick Byrne, Christopher Bryne, Nicole Breslin, Michael Breslin, Eoin Boyle, Declan Boyle and Niamh Boyle.  Edeninfagh – Conor Quinn, Bréidin Browne.  Fintown – Mícheal Mac Mongail, Phil Mac Gaotháin, Eoghan Mac Fhloínn, Mícheal Mac Dabhaidh, Ciarán Ó Cuinn, Seamus Ó Dochartaigh, Cassie Ní Longa, Enya Ní Ghoill, Máire Nic Fhloinn, Eimear Ní Dhubh, Emer Ní Dabhaidh, Niamh Ní Chnaimhsí. Kilkenny – Paula Boyle.  St. Riaghan’s Drimnacrosh – Enya O ‘Callaghan, Sinead Mc Geehan, Nicola Gallagher, Lauren Gallagher and Hayleigh Byrne.


Congratulations to the boys and girls who received their First Holy Communion in St. Connell’s Church Glenties on Saturday last and in The Church of the Holy Family,

Edeninfagh on Sunday.


Congratulations to Kathleen Gallagher, Buncrubog, Glenties and Declan Alcorn, Milford who were married in Glenties on Saturday 5th May ’07.


On Saturday 28th April Brian Campbell and Patricia Earley were married in KilbrideChurch, Kilbride.  Brian is a son of Frankie and Nora Campbell, Glen Road, Glenties and Patricia is a daughter of Anne and the late Robert (Raybin) Earley, Birmingham (formerly Mullinard, Glenties).  The bride was given away by her mother and was attended by her sisters, Caroline Earley and Sharon Lavin.  Daniel Mc Gill, cousin of the groom was bestman and the groom’s brother-in-law, Michael O’Connell was groomsman.  Eimear Campbell was a flowergirl and Aidan Lavin was a pageboy.  Readings were by the groom’s sisters, Martina O’Connell and Elaine Campbell.  Laura and Jenifer Mc Gill, Robbie Lavin and a cousin of the bride read Prayers of the Faithful.  The Gifts were brought to the Altar by the mother of the groom and an aunt of the bride.  The reception was held in Finnstown Country House Hotel and the honeymoon was spent in Barbados.


Kilkenny National School ’s Enrolment Day for Junior Infants for September 2007 takes place on Thursday 17th May at 1.30p.m.  Please bring the child’s Birth Certificate and P.P.S. Number.


In association with “Bealtaine 2007” Glenties will host a Barn & Céilí Dance in the Highlands Hotel on Thursday 24th May at 3.00 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.  Admission is Free.

Glenties Notes on 29th July 2007

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Congratulations to Teresa and John Gallagher, Meenahalla, Glenties on the birth recently in LetterkennyHospital of their first child, a baby girl, Ellie May.

Sincere sympathy is extended to Johnny Rodgers and family, Derries, Glenties on the death recently of Johnny’s brother Philip in London.

On Saturday 21st July 2007 Janet O’ Donnell and Felix Melly were married in St.Connell’s Church, Glenties.  Fr. Pat Prendergast assisted by Fr. Eddie Gallagher officiated and concelebrated Nuptial Mass.  Janet is a daughter of Jimmy and Mary O’Donnell, Mullantyboyle, Glenties and Felix is a son of Jamsie and Bríd Melly, Lettermacaward.  Her father gave the bride away and her sisters, Breda and Noelle O’ Donnell, the groom’s sister, Sinead Melly and a friend, Catherine Mc Loone attended her.  Trevor Melly, brother of the groom was bestman.  Another brother, Barry and two friends, Nicholas Gallagher and Michael Bonner were groomsmen.  Erin Melly, Godchild of the groom was a flowergirl and Shane Mc Devitt, Godchild of the bride was a pageboy.  Readings were by Diane Melly, sister of the groom and Rosaleen Mc Devitt, sister of the bride.  Danielle Mc Devitt, Jordan O’ Donnell, Ethan O’ Donnell and Chloe Doherty read Prayers of the Faithful.  The mothers of the bride and groom brought the Gifts to the Altar.  Music and singing was by Eileen, Jenifer and Jody Laughlin.  Kieran Kennedy played the bagpipes as the couple were leaving the Church.  The reception was held in the Highlands Hotel, Glenties and the honeymoon is being spent in Lanzarote. 

The Annual Church Gate Collection for the Donegal Leprosy Fund, in aid of Foreign Missions, will be taken up before all the Masses next weekend. Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August.  The collection will be given directly to Donegal Nuns and Priests working in Third World Countries to aid of this most worthwhile cause.

A Community Employment Scheme will be starting shortly in the Glenties area.  Fás eligibility rules apply.  For further information ring 086 3961533.

Places are available for Full – Time Traineeship Courses in Beauty Therapy and Childcare, which will be starting in September 2007.  For further details contact FÁS at 9560500.

Glenties Notes on 24th July 2007

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The death took place in the Donegal Hospice in Letterkenny on Wednesday 11th July 2007 of Frankie Mc Hugh, Ardconnell, Glenties.  His remains were brought home later that day and to St. Connell’s Church, Glenties on Friday morning.  Fr. Pat Prendergast assisted by Fr. Denis Quinn and Fr. Adrian Gavigan concelebrated RequiemMass.  Readings were by Frankie’s niece, Dolores Mulvey.  Nieces, Yvonne Watters, Emer Mc Connell, Teresa Booth and daughter-in-law, Niamh Nic Carthaigh Mc Hugh read Prayers of the Faithful.  Music was by friend of the family, Francis Kelleher on the organ.  Burial took place in the New Graveyard.  Frankie is survived by his wife Mary, daughter, Geraldine, sons, Patsy and Jim, grandchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends, to whom sincere sympathy is extended.  He was the last surviving member of the family of Patrick and Catherine Mc Hugh, Clooney, Portnoo.  Four brothers, Michael, Jim, Patrick Joseph and Danny and one sister, Bridie predeceased him.

Sincere sympathy is extended to Bid Fletcher and family, Ard Patrick, Glenties on the death on Sunday 22nd July 2007 of Bid’s brother, Shaun Friel, Buncrana.

Literary Award Winners at the 2007 Patrick MacGill Summer School in Glenties were – Stories – Junior Infants – 3rd “The Swamp Monster” by Nathan Mc Dyer, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Drimnacrosh, Glenties.  2nd “A Busy Hamster’s Day” by Leah Mc Innes, St. Riaghan’s N.S.  1st “Fairyworld” by Meallagh Kelly, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 

Stories – Senior Infants – Highly Commended – “The Monster” by Kieran Furey, St. Riaghan’s N.S.  3rd – “The Magic Dolphin” by Erin Gallagher, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara.  2nd – “Underwater” by Manus Mc Dyer, St. Riaghan’s N.S.  1st “The King Spider” by Ellie Mc Innes, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Glenties. 

Stories – First Class – 3rd – “The Three Wishes” by Zacchary Gillespie, St. Riaghan’s N.S.  2nd – “My Adventure Holiday” by Hannah Sweeney, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara.  1st – “My Rocket” by Niall Mc Crossan, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.

Stories – Second Class – Highly Commended – “A Big Hairy Monster” by Daniel Doohan, Niall Mór N.S. Killybegs.  3rd – “Shrinking Medicine” by John Doherty, Killian N.S. Inver & “The Ghost of Meentinadea” by Finian Ward, Meentinadea, Ardara.  2nd – “The Girl Who turned into a Sweet” by Natasha Mc Cole, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  1st – “My Adventure” by Emma Sweeney, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 

Stories – Third Class – 3rd – “A Visit to a Hospital” by Stephen Griffin, St. Riaghan’s N.S.  2nd – “Hallowe’en” by Michael Boyle, MeenagowanN.S. Lettermacaward.  1st – “Alienupiter” by Megan Byrne, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & “A Very Unusual Pet” by Aaron Gallagher, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.

Stories – Fourth Class – Highly Commended – “The Bad Man” by Christian Bonner, MeenagowanN.S.  3rd – “Where Times Collide” by Aoife M. Long, Scoil Mhín Tine Dé, Ardara.  2nd – “The Hunting Expedition” by Mark Young, WoodSchool, Ardara.  1st – “Zombies in Glenties” by Ryan Moore, KilkennyN.S. Glenties.

Stories – Fifth Class – Highly Commended – “Nerves” by Sinéad Mc Geehan, St. Riaghan’s N.S.  3rd – “Teachers on Strike” by Tomás Boyle, Scoil Mhín Tine Dé, Ardara.  2nd – “Michael and the Dragon” by Pauric Doherty, Scoil an Chillín, Inver.  1st – “In the Flickered Light” by Mary Dillon, MeenagowanN.S. 

Stories – Sixth Class – Highly Commended – “A Forest Fire” by Victoria Baskin, Wood School, Ardara & Memories of the Hiring Fair” by Catriona Mc Gill, Crannóg Buí N.S. Ardara & “Thomas’s Dreams” by Jamie Mc Cready, Meenagowan N.S.  3rd – “The Haunted House” by Declan Boyle, Scoil Mhuire, N.S. Glenties.  2nd “The Stone Age” by Nathan Young, Wood School, Ardara & “ The Day the Aliens Came” by Paula Boyle, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.  1st – “The Dark Knight” by Bridget Martina Melley, MeenagowanN.S.

Poetry – Junior Infants – 3rd “My New Baby” By Rachel Mc Loone, KilkennyN.S. Glenties.  2nd – “Mummy” by Oliver Long, WoodSchool, Ardara.  1st “Water by Declan Sharkey, KilkennyN.S. Glenties.

Senior Infant – Poems – Highly Commended – “Aliens” by Iarla O Murchú. St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  3rd – “Hey Diddle Diddle” by Sarah Harkin, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  2nd – “Eimear and Eddy” by Emma Mc Dyre, KilkennyN.S. Glenties.  1st “The Keyboard” by Ciarán Gavigan, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.

First Class – Poems – 3rd – “The Old Sea Chest” by Dara Beth Mc Loone, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.  2nd – “My House” by Alisha Kee, KilkennyN.S. 1st – “Blast Off” by Evie Doherty, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.

Second Class – Poems – 3rd – “April” by Shaun Sweeney, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara.  2nd – “The Clock Struck Midnight” by Arianna Bonner, MeenagowanN.S. Lettermacaward.  1st – “Space” by Senan Boyle, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin & “The Three Wishes” by Kieran Gallagher, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Glenties.

Third Class – Poems – 3rd “Teachers” by Gemma O’ Donnell, St. Riaghan’s N.S. 2nd “Jack Frost” by Kirsty Baskin, WoodSchool, Ardara.  1st “Autumn” by Gillian Moore, KilkennyN.S.

Fourth Class – Poems – Highly Commended – “My Dog” by Shannon Curran, Niall Mór N.S. Killybegs.  3rd “When I was at the shop” by Charlene Mc Cready, Meenagowan N.S. Lettermacaward.  2nd – “Mother” by Stephen Moore, KilkennyN.S.  1st “Seasons” by Mark Young, WoodSchool, Ardara.

Poetry – Fifth Class – Highly Commended – “Judgement Day” by Tara Mc Ginley, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  3rd – “Ardara Show” by Conor Whyte, Crannog Buí N.S. Ardara.  2nd – “Autumn” by Tamara Payne, WoodSchool, Ardara.  1st – “Hallowe’en Night” by Georgia Fry, Meenagowan, N.S.

Poetry – Sixth Class – Highly Commended “The Moon” by Patrick Byrne, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & “A Waste of Life” by Emer Tonry, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  3rd – “The Trap” by Aaron Bennett, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  2nd – “A Leaf Falling” by Donna Maher, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.  1st – “Autumn” by Nathan Young, WoodSchool, Ardara.

Adult Section – Runner Up – “Still Life” by James O’Donnell, Sandyford, Dublin.  1st – “I remember Roadside Hedges” by Anna Colhoun, Clar, DonegalTown.

Sincere sympathy is extended to Bid Fletcher and family, Ard Patrick, Glenties on the death on Sunday 22nd July 2007 of Bid’s brother, Shaun Friel, Buncrana.

There will be a Prayer Service and a Blessing of Graves in The Old Graveyard on the Glen Road on Thursday 26th July at 8 p.m.

There are still places available for the Summer Camps being held in the Community Centre, Glenties.  Classes 1st & 2nd – on 30th & 31st July.  Classes 3rd & 4th – on 1st & 2nd August.  Classes 5th & 6th – on 3rd & 7th August.  Camps will be from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Cost of each camp is 10 Euro.  For booking contact Downstrands Family Resource Centre at 9545879.

A Charity Walk, in aid of Kidney Dialysis Comfort Fund, LetterkennyHospital, will take place on Saturday 28th July, ~ departing The Glen Tavern at 12 noon, via Edeninfagh and the Croaghs.  Sponsor Cards are available.  Please contact 9557978 or ring 9551170 to register for the walk.  Everybody is welcome.  Please support this very worthy cause.

Any child born in 2002, or already in school, who has not yet received their Preschool Booster, are now invited to attend their GP for the 4 in 1 and MMR vaccine.  The 4 in 1 boosts immunity to Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough and Polio.  MMR boosts immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella.  All childhood vaccines are free of charge.  For fu
rther information contact Bernie Mc Nulty, Asst. Director of Public Health Nursing specific to Immunisations in Donegal at 087 9008239 or 9189117.

Glenties Notes on 16th July 2007

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From the 18th July ~ 17th August the Glenties Playgroup / Afterschool, Glen Road, Glenties (opposite Scoil Mhuire) are offering a service for children in the Glenties and surrounding areas.  The facility is also open to all children who are visiting or holidaying in our area.  We are open from Monday ~ Friday 9.30 a.m. ~ 5.30 p.m.  Children can be booked in on and hourly basis at 2 Euro per hour.  The children will be provided with snacks but if the stay is longer than 2 hours please provide a healthy pre-packed lunch.  Activities on offer are ~ Group Games ~ inside and outdoor football, pool, table tennis, sports day, quizzes, treasure hunts, art and craft, colliage, table top games, jewellery making, puppet making, cooking, nail painting, hair braiding, sand play, painting and outdoor play.  Children are cared for by trained childcare workers who also have current first aid certificates and Garda clearance.  All places must be pre- booked.  You can contact Bridie at 074 – 9551416 / 9551907.

The annual Church Gate Collection on behalf of The Labour Party will be taken up in Glenties, Fintown and Edeninfagh on Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd July.

Michael Fitzgerald, Dr. Mc Closkey Crescent, Glenties will be among those who go on this annual pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick on Sunday 29th July to raise money for the Jason Clarke Foundation.  This is a charity which gives help and hope to persons with brain injury and stroke sufferers.  Each walker has to raise 400 Euro minimum, so Michael would greatly appreciate your help.

Sincere sympathy is extended to the wife and family of Frankie Mc Hugh, Ard Connell, Glenties who died in the Hospice in Letterkenny on Wednesday last.

Mass will be celebrated in the New Graveyard, Glenties next Sunday 22nd July at 3.00p.m. and in Edeninfagh Graveyard on Sunday 12th August at 3.00p.m.

The recent Wheelchair Association Church Gate Collection in Glenties amounted to 780 Euro and in Edeninfagh it amounted to 145 Euro.  Thank you for your generous contributions.

A Community Employment Scheme will be starting shortly in the Glenties area.  Fás eligibility rules apply.  For more information ring 086 3961533.

Congratulations to Michael Brennan who graduated recently from U.C.D with an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering.  Michael is a son of Francis and Kathleen Brennan, Main St. Glenties.

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