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Ardun House

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    Any one know the history of this place? We have been told it was built in 1864? We are considering buying the place but estate agents do not seem to appreciate the problems of considering such a place when we live in North Wales. Details on the estate agents web site are scant to say the least and they say come and see the place when we start asking questions! It costs a lot to come over and we are doing so in the very near future. I am a keen gardener and fisherman, my wife, gardening and photography. We have an eclectic mixture of Guinea fowl, unusual poultry and cats. We like wild places. When I asked why it had not sold, they said it was remote! How remote? It seems to us a house with great character missing in many of the modern Dallas style houses in Ireland. It seems ideal to us but you as local dope might say that we are daft considering such a place.
    I am sure the place must have an interesting history, the estate agents knew nothing, so even if you can help on this point, it would be much appreciated. I speak Welsh, how easy is it to have lessons in Gaelic for adults? I am sure there are a million questions we would like to ask to understand the area better so any help as I said would be most appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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