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    I have recently traced my possible great Aunt, Anne Conaghan nee Gallagher to Drumnalough, living with her son-in-law John O’Donnell and daughter Mary in 1901. Is anyone descended from John O’Donnell and Mary Conaghan? They had children Bridget born appr 1894, James, born appr 1896, Mary Anne, born appr 1898 and Patrick born appr 1901. If so we could be related and I have my dna tests done out on Familytree ( I prefer) and Ancestry. Would you be interested in testing to see if we match. Our common ancestors would be Owen Gallagher and Sarah Boyle.

    Maureen (Gallagher) Bejar



    Possiible connection: My g-grandmother was Hannah Conaghan (~1860-1913). She was married to Patrick Roarty.and they lived at Drumnalough. I wonder if Maureen’s aunt Ann Gallagher Conaghan might have had a connection to Hannah. Hannah’s father was John Conaghan and I believe her mother was named Anne. Hmmmm….

    Reference following applicable DNA kits on ancestry.com:
    A.A. (managed by pfarmbruster)
    Carl Armbruster


    Dear Carl:
    I do not match with you on Ancestry, as far as I can tell, but sometimes the search is difficult and does not always work correctly. I am shopmo on Ancestry, I am myself on Familytree DNA, “Maureen Bejar” and on GEDmatch I am T926765. I do have a match on Ancestry for an Armbruster: “wittbrb”, is that one of your family members? Perhaps I am not matching to you, but to her? Annie Conaghan’s children were Mary b. 1869 who married John O’Donnell, Peter, Joe, Patrick b. 1866 and had daughters only, Michael b. 1870, James b. 1867 and Manus. Annie then lived in Drumnalough with her daughter Mary O’Donnell and son-in-law John O’Donnell. Thank you for any help!

    Maureen Bejar



    Hi Maureen,

    Thanks for the info. I was not able to find an ancestry.com match to you for any of my kits. I checked gedmatch as well and again did not find any matches when I compared one to many. I also checked one to one for myself and my mom against yours and did find that we probably distantly related (see below). So it looks like there is a connection but it is likely a couple of generations further back than the folks we are discussing….Still it’s good info. I mean there were only 15 households in Drumnalough in 1901 so our folks were no doubt well known to each other!…………………best………carl

    Largest segment = 9.2 cM
    Total of segments > 7 cM = 9.2 cM
    1 matching segments
    Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 6.1

    Here are out gedmatch kits…
    My mother Ann Roarty Armbruster – A705354 (Fred’sMom)
    Me: A495906 (Carl Armbruster)


    Dear Carl:
    Thanks for the info. I have Gallagher and Boyles from Rosbeg, so I am going to match a little bit with everyone from thereabouts due to small populations and intermarrying. The persons in question that would be the common ancestors would be Owen Gallagher and Sarah Boyle who are my ggg grandparents. These are Annie Conaghan’s parents and Mary O’Donnell’s grandparents. We would be 4th cousins, so the centimorgans would likely be about 30-45 centimorgans. My known 3rd cousins are coming in from 63 to 95 centimorgans. Hoping to find the family that knows they are related to Annie Conaghan to have a DNA match. I would like to prove Annie is the long lost daughter of Owen and Sarah that we have searching for. We have lost a few branches from our family tree.


    Dear Glenties group:
    I have more information to add. I believe I have found Annie Conaghan other child, Patrick Conaghan married to an Ann Sharp (Gerin) of Meenadina. Patrick would be Mary O’Donnell’s brother. Does this ring a bell with anyone. I have not found any children from Patrick and Ann yet. I am checking.


    Dear Carl and Glenties Group:
    I would like to revisit Hannah O’Donnell. I have a DNA match and on his tree he has a Hannah O’Donnell but born in 1890 county Donegal. Does that match with anyone’s family? Hannah married Owen Harley. This match is a 3rd to 5th cousin to me.




    I’m sure if we go back far enough all the Glenties Connaghan’s / Conaghan’s are probably related… I’m not great at knowing who I’m related to but I can ask my aunt as she would know a good bit more than me!
    Tara Connaghan


    Dear Tara:
    Thank you for any help. As you well know, we will all match a little, but there are closer matches with DNA. This will be one of them, and that is what I am looking for, depending either a 3rd or 4th cousin match. I already know how many centimorgans my 3rd cousins match with me from the family in the US, but there was one Gallagher sister from this family that did not come to the US. She was already married and settled in Ireland. I am not certain, but I suspect this is the Connaghan/O’Donnell family in Drumnalough. Thank you for asking your Aunt.

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