Searching for the birthplace of William Gallagher, born December 25, 1861

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    My name is John Thomas Smith, Sr. I live in Oliver Springs, a small town in the mountains of East Tennessee. I am the great-grandson of William Gallagher who was son of Peter Gallagher and Margaret Roarty. Williams death certificate lists him as born on December 25, 1861 in Donegal. He emigrated to the US in approximately 1883. William is buried near my father, his grandson John T, Smith, Sr., in Wheeling, West Virginia. William died in 1936 in Benwood, West Virginia. William’s daughter, Anna Gallagher Smith was my grandmother. Family legend has it that she may have traveled to Ireland to visit her family as a young girl. I am searching for William’s birthplace. I will be making my first trip to Ireland near the end of July with my wife. Sherry, who is a McLaughin descendant also of Donegal. I have been recently sent information that William possibly had two younger brothers, Two sons were born to a Peter Gallagher and Margaret Roarty. Peter in 1872, and James in 1874. There is a record showing Peter was christened in Glenties, with his birthdate given as July 22, 1872. If these parents are the same Peter Gallagher and Margaret Roarty that were father and mother of my great-grandfather William then it is logical that they lived somewhere in Insihkeel close to Glenties. My great-great grandfather Peter may have died in 1913, acccording to one of my aunts. If anyone has any information that might help us locate one of our ancestral homes it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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