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Glenties Notes on July 29th 2004

Miriam Ward and Declan Gallagher came from Philadelphia to celebrate their special day at home in Ireland. They were married in St. Connell’s Church, Glenties on Saturday 17th July 2004. Miriam is a daughter of Charlie and Kathleen Ward, Buncrubog, Glenties and Declan is a son of Michael and Mary Gallagher, Donegal Rd. Ballybofey. Fr. Nigel Ó Gallachóir C.C. Glenties officiated and celebrated Nuptial Mass. Her father gave the bride away and her sisters, Rose Langan, Lucielle Kelly, Carina Ward and a friend, Bethann Mc Pharland attended her. Leo Gallagher, the groom’s brother was his bestman and another brother Michael and two cousins, Conor Brady and Brian Gallagher were groomsmen. Chloe Langan, niece of the bride was flowergirl and Shane Bell, nephew of the bride and Gareth Culloo nephew of the groom were pageboys. Readings were by Pat Ward, brother of the bride and Sheena Culloo, sister of the groom. Adam Langan, Ryan Ward, nephews of the bride, Brendan and Aisling Gallagher and Amy Martin nieces and nephew of the groom read Prayers of the Faithful. Lisa Mc Gill read a Reflection after Communion. Both mothers brought the Gifts to the Altar. The reception was held in the Highlands Hotel, Glenties and the honeymoon was spent touring Europe. The happy couple will make their home in Philadelphia.

Sincere sympathy is extended to Frank Gallagher, Main Street, Glenties, John Gallagher, Strasallagh, Glenties and Kathleen Boyle, Shallogans on the death of their niece, Celia Mc Fadden (nee Loughrey) who died recently in Letterkenny.

Congratulations to Caroline and Daniel Mc Loone, Maas on the birth recently in Letterkenny of their first child, a baby boy.

Literary Award Winners at the 2004 Patrick MacGill Summer School in Glenties last week were;-

Highly Commended Entries – Hugh Gallagher, St. Riaghan’s N. S. Drimnacrosh, Aaron Boyle, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin, Joseph Mc Hugh, Kilkenny N. S. Glenties, Chantelle Hanlon, Wood School, Ardara, Sean Mc Laughlin, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin, Enya O’Callaghan, St. Riaghan’s N. S. Drimnacrosh, Glenties, Tara Barrett Mc Ginley, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin, Stephen Baskin, Wood School, Ardara, Mark Watters, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin, Samara Leone, Sessioghneill N. S. Ballybofey, Karen Mc Nelis, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin, Daryl Devenney, Meenagowan N. S. Lettermacaward, Allannah Barrett Mc Ginley, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin and Kristina Cunningham, Niall Mor N. S. Killybegs.


Junior Infants
3rd – “My Granny’s Cat” by Eimear Gallagher, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin.
2nd – “My Bunnies” by Natasha Mc Cole, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.
1st – “Matt the Dragon” by Paul Ryan, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin.

Senior Infant
3rd – “Winter” by Natalie Mc Cole, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.
2nd – “A Haunted Castle” by Edward Henry, Wood School, Ardara.
1st “Red” by Maria Melly, Meenagowan N. S. Lettermacaward.

First Class
3rd “Our Dog” by Matthew Gavigan, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.
2nd “I look into the key hole” by Kirsty Baskin Molloy, Wood School. Ardara.
1st “Summer” by Louise Cooney, Sessioghoneill N.S. Ballybofey.

Second Class
3rd – “Summer, Summer” by Therese Gillespie, Sessioghoneill, N.S. Ballybofey.
2nd – “If I were a Viking” by Tara Barrett Mc Ginley, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.
1st – “Red” by Courtney Sharos, Meenagowan, N.S. Lettermacaward.

Third Class
3rd – “My Granny” by Paula Boyle, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.
2nd – “My Pets” by Michelle Sweeney, Creeslough N.S. Creeslough.
1st – “Summer” by John Callaghan, Sessioghneill N.S. Ballybofey.

Fourth Class
3rd – “The Bullies & Me” by Orla Kelly, Niall Mor N.S. Killybegs.
2nd – “Viking Adventure” by Kevin Herron, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Drimnacrosh N.S. Glenties.
1st – “Feelings” by Marian Doherty, Scoil Mhuire, Creeslough.

Fifth Class
3rd – “The Moon” by Warren Baskin, Wood School, Ardara & “Christmas” by Alan Campbell, Niall Mor, Killybegs.
2nd – “Christmas Eve” by Kieran Mc Dyre, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.
1st – “Oh to have a little…..” by Kevin Slowey, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.

Sixth Class
3rd – S eeing” by Emily Thompson, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.
2nd – “On Christmas Night” by Jamie Mc Hugh, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.
1st – “A little Cow” by Tanya Barrett, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.


Senior Infants
3rd “The Tooth Fairy” by Pauric Mc Ginley, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.
2nd – “Golden Girl” by Gillian Moore, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.
1st – “The Tooth Fairy” by Darragh O’ Donnell, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.

First Class
3 rd – “My Baby” by Christian Bonner, Meenagowan N.S. Lettermacaward.
2nd – “The U.F.O.” by Zara Henry, Wood School, Ardara.
1st – “Pteranadon meets Stephen” by Stephen Moore, Kilkenny N. S. Glenties.

Second Class
3rd – “The King & the Wolf” by Keith Young, Wood School, Ardara.
2nd – “A Lucky Escape” by Brian Boyle, St. Conal’s N. S. Narin.
1st – “The Stray who came to stay” by Mary Mc Gowan”, Meenagowan, N.S. Letternacaward.

Third Class
3rd – “Dangerous Adventure” by Owen Kantelberg, Scoil Bhride, Lettermacaward.
2nd – “I wish I wasn’t a witch” by Bridget Melly, Meenagowan N.S. Lettermacaward.
1st – “Spring is coming our way” by Nicola Gallagher, St. Riaghan’s N. S. Drimnacrosh, Glenties.

Fourth Class
3rd “My Amazing Day at Glenveagh Castle” by Niall Mc Hugh, Niall Mor N.S. Killybegs.
2nd – “Art Attack” by Emma Mc Aree, Scoil Bhride, Lettermacaward.
1st – “The Mean Machine” by Mark Gallagher, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Drimnacosh, Glenties.

Fifth Class
3rd – “Footprints in the Butter” by Joanne Boyle, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.
2nd – “Extraordinary Day in Glenveagh” by Kristina Cunningham, Niall Mor, N.S. Killybegs.
1st – “Ghost Girls” by Rose Gallagher, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.

Sixth Class
3rd “Stranded on Mars” by Keelan Gallagher, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin & “Rainforest Race” by Joseph Quinn, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties.
2nd – “I am a County Champion” by Paula Molloy, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin.
1st – “A Mistake, friendship & victory” by Emma Mullin, Sessioghneill N.S.

Secondary School Section
3rd “Emma” by Tanya Doherty, St. Columba’s Comprehensive School, Glenties & “The Plan” by Philip A. Sharos, St. Columba’s Comprehensive School, Glenties.
2nd – “The Journey” by Aideen Shannon, Colaiste Cholmcille, Ballyshannon.
1st – “The Adventures of Cleopatra & Ruth” by Miriam Needham, St. Claire’s Comprehensive School, Manorhamilton.

Adult Section
2nd – “Coast Mountain Sunrise” by Bernie Walsh, Creggan, Ballybofey.
1st – “Timeless” by Gracie Gallagher, Glenties.


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