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imagine WiMax

Since there are still a large number of homes in the community that either are unable to get standard boradband or who don’t want to have to put in a phone line, this may be of interest.

WiMax is here!

Register now and if you are in coverage we will give you a call!
The rollout of Imagine’s National WiMax Network has already begun. Once WiMax comes to your area and your home is WiMax certified, you can benefit from fast reliable broadband, an advanced phone service and no line rental charge.

We are upgrading 15 areas around the country every month to WiMax. So every month more and more people across the country will benefit from WiMax.

Register now and get your community WiMax certified.
We will deliver WiMax to the community who want it most.

The more people in your community that get together and register, the quicker we will deliver WiMax to your area. ! 

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