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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 12th June 2008

The meeting was opened by the Chairman. The minutes of the previous meeting were read, proposed and seconded.

Public Toilets

Nothing new to repost since last meeting


Martin Breslin said he had received nothing form the last push on the councillors and was told by Terance Slowey that Loughanure is still on top of the list and Glenties wouldn’t get the support needed from the other Councillors. The point was made that this shows how Glenties is losing support due to the lack of public representatives in the area. Being number 2 on the list means that we have to wait until Loughanure is finished or close to being finished before we can finish our playground.

Martin suggested that the Parish Council should do something coming up to next year’s local elections and maybe the possibility of putting forward a community candidate. It was suggested that letters should be sent to the papers explaining how Glenties is being left behind.

The point was raised that people in the area are of the opinion that the playground belongs to the playschool but this is not right. The play is separate to everything and will be a public amenity.


Although the museum was offered for use by the library, the library committee turned it down and you rather use the community centre. The Community Centre Committee have said that they are happy to do what’s needed if the library wants to use the centre.

Health Centre

Paddy read a letter received from Pat “The Cope” Gallagher. Progress is being made and detailed drawings should be available next month.

Industrial Units

Nothing new to report since last meeting


The mounted unit has been requested for the Fair Day this year.

The point was raised that parking in Dr. McCloskey Crescent on Saturday nights is becoming a problem. The meeting was told that the parking laws in the town were now being strictly enforced and people should be careful where they park or they’ll get a parking fine.

It was suggested that having a coach parking area could an advantage to the town with the increased number of coach tours passing through the town this year. The bray was put forward as a possible place and the council will be pressed for signs.

If anyone has in problems in the town they should phone the Garda Station on 074 95 51108. There’s someone there 24 hours a day.


The point was raised that the people of the town have been having problems with the water supply from time to time. The meeting was told that there was no water on the bray face for around 14 hours the night before. The current water supply is under a group scheme and there is no sign of the Council adopting the scheme. The trustees need to be found and contacted to what the current situation is with the scheme.


Glenties Area Resource Centre

250 questionnaires were distributed and over 100 responses were received. The final results will be used to get politicians on board for seeking funding for projects in the town. It is stilled planned to be a 2-3 year plan and it’s only starting now. The plan is to use the site of the old fire station and while the project is ongoing it should stop the Council from selling the building.

Next meeting Thursday 10th July at 9:00 in Highlands Hotel


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