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Abbreviated minutes of GARRC meeting Sept 4th

Present: Martin Breslin, Ann McGill, Christopher Nethercoat, Ann Conaghan

Apologies: Francis Brennan, Ann Gallagher, Rosmaery Dewhurst.

1. Election of officers and responsibilities.
Christopher Nethercoat as Secretary, Ann McGill as Treasurer, Martin Breslin as Parish Council liaison officer. Ann Conaghan to assume responsibility for funding guidance.

2. Constitution of GARRC.
Meeting agreed to continue as community group pro-tem, but we would need limited liability status in very near future.

3. Politician’s responses so far.
CN reported in detail on the very positive contacts and assistance offered and/or already provided by; Brian O’Domnhaill, Terence Slowey, Pat the Cope and Pearse Doherty. CN to follow through with a meeting with Terence Slowey, and with submission of a Leader Programme Expression of Interest form (for funding) to Donegal Local Development Co Ltd.

4. Application for expenses funding from DCC member’s allocation.
AMc (Treasurer) to complete and submit form. AMc also to explore opening GARRC bank account.

5. Delegation visit to DCC area members.
CN to write to Corporate Manager Dungloe, to request a presentation meeting with Area councillors.

6. Overall project development strategy.
Meeting agreed first priority to establish status of Glenties old Fire station site, and attempt to secure that site for GAARC.

7. Admin matters and A.O.B. Meeting agreed to leave project name as is. CN to continue using own resources to produce PC/printer letters until funding available for proper letterheads. MB to report on this meeting Parish Council.

Next meeting date. T.B.A.

N.B. CN has subsequently met with Terence Slowey (who is offering unqualified support and advice), has now written to DCC requesting a meeting with the full Area Committee, and is submitting an Expression of Interest application for LEADER funding.


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