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Councillor Molloy Glenties Report 8th July 2018

Councillor Molloy has made a number of representations to the Donegal County Council re
the Glenties and Portnoo Areas and has received the following replies:

The Council has advised Councillor Molloy the N56 roadworks Kilkenny/Letterilly is now
75% complete. The Letterilly to Kilraine Section is being progressed at design and tender
document stage and it is expected that this stage will be tendered by the end of October
this year.

Councillor Molloy has been told that the surface dressing is complete or near completion
on the Glen Road from Molloys to Ardun and Silverhill Upper. He has pleaded that the
final Section at Silverhill be completed as soon as possible when funds become available.
Surface dressing is also taking place on Sections of the Kilkenny Road and at
Loughderryduff, Portnoo. He has been informed that Restoration Improvement Works are
taking place or have been completed at Glenties, Tievelough to Meenavale, Glenties to
Fintown, Glen Road to the Graveyard, Mullantyboyle, Moore’s Brae, parts of Cleengort
Road and from Fintown to Meenaroy and from Morgans Shop to Lackagh in Portnoo.
Drainage works at the Mill Wheel to Kilgarrow, Mill Road and Glenties to Fintown as well
as the Glen Road. Ffunding has been approved for CIS Scheme at Windmill Road at
Loughfad and for the footpaths on the Glenties to Fintown Road.

Councillor Molloy has requested an update on Housing allocation in the Glenties area to
be made available to him as soon as possible.


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