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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 12th February 2009

Attendance: 21

Minutes of previous meeting were read
Proposed by: John Gallagher
Seconded by: Mary Gormley

Councillors in attendance


  • Terence Slowey
  • Enda Bonner


A meeting was held where points were raised about communication between the Gardaí and the community. It was pointed out that elderly people in that area had been frighten after recent events.

Everyone should report any unusual activity to the Gardaí as soon as possible after it happens. The station in Glenties is open 24 hours and can be contacted on 074 9551080 and you do not have to leave your name when reporting problems.

Points were raise about:

  • Coaches on Friday and Saturday nights becoming a problem leaving engines running during the night while parked outside people’s homes and being slow to leave the town after the Limelight has finished.
  • Young people racing cars on the back roads. Some of these young people have already been caught and will be in court over the next few months.

Health Centre

The planning application should be in the paper in within the next 2 weeks.

Terence Slowey


No movement towards securing a location in the town to temporality house the library. The old fire station has been ear marked for the future. The GARC group are to meet with them to discuss.

Gaeltacht Roads

This is a new programme to replace what was called the “bog road scheme”. The details of the programme were read out and was decided that some roads in the area could be improved by it.


The roads programme has not been finalised. The Council only got €10.5 million out of a request €30 million for the roads this year. €300,000 has been allocated fort eh Glenties to Frosses road and €300,000 for the Fintown to Ballybofey road.


There were 2 presentations given on the night, Bord Gais and the Timber Coop

The next meeting will be 12th March at 9:00pm in the Highlands Hotel


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