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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 25th July 2009

Minutes of previous meeting were read
Proposed By: Francis Brennan
Seconded By: John Gallagher

Councillors in Attendance: Terrence Slowey


The petition will be sent out in the coming weeks with the wording “We request the reinstatement of the library in Glenties”.

Sewage Scheme 

A report that was done on the freshwater pearl mussel suggests that the current sewage system needs to be replaced but the County Council’s report says that it’s not essential. The first council meeting since the elections will be Tuesday 14th and Terrence will raise the matter there.

The site investigation for the new sewage scheme has been completed and the results are currently being written up. When the report is finished it will go forward for tender.

A letter from Mary Coughlan was read stating it would be another 4 months before going for tender.

The project requires the Council to put up their portion of the funding and currently the Council has no funding available.

Rural Transport

The numbers are currently low but it is hoped that more people will use the service when they get used to the idea.

Tidy Town 

Congratulations to the Tidy Town Committee for winning best small town at the All Ireland Competition. Terrence apologised for the breakdown of communication by the County Council


Glenties is still number 2 on the list in the Glenties Electoral Area. Money has been assigned toe Loch an iúir on the condition that the Gaeltacht matches the same.

Health Centre 

A letter will be send to Ciaran Doherty to check what the current progress is and if the project is still on track.


The Mountain Rescue is getting the go ahead to use the old fire station for storage for their equipment while GARC put together future plans for the building. 


The council have a plan for a turnkey development in Glenties. It recently went to tender but they only received interest from one developer.


Congratulations to Terrence on being re-elected to the County Council in the recent elections


The next meeting will be 13th August at 9:00pm in the Highlands Hotel


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