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Press Release for the Glenties Community Action Group

At a public meeting that was held in the Highland’s Hotel , Glenties on the 18th May 2011. Attending this meeting were business owners and residence of the Glenties area.

The goal of this meeting was to set up a group to help promote Glenties and the surrounding area. in a more positive way, by utilising the existing facilities that the town has to offer.

Different ideas were put forward and a lot of great points were made about the area and what can be done to improve and help the community to flourish.

A further meeting was called for the 25th May and a committee was set up. This committee is called the Glenties Community Action Group and it’s aim will be try to promote Glenties and the surrounding area in a positive way and look at further ways of helping the community to come together to help one another for the betterment of the area. The group will also look at issues effecting the area i.e. sewage problems etc and see what can be done to resolve these problems.

The committee will liaise with the local aouthorities, county councillors, T.D’s, and other groups and committee in the area to discuss and try to resolve issues effecting the area. The committee will meet initially every week and will hold public monthly meetings that everyone can attend and put their ideas forward.

The first event that the committee will be hosting is a music festival , which will take place the last weekend in June, details of this will be published next week.

The group can be contacted by email on


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