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Were you here?

This photo was sent to us by Raymond Campbell. It shows a group of local boys on a school trip on the top of the Independent House in Dublin either Autumn 1960 or Spring 1961. Can you fill in any of the missing names or correct any that Raymond already has?

Independent House Dublin

Seated from left to right: Sean Costello, Mill Road; Frankie Quinn, Ard Connell; John Magiuire, ?; Johnny Boyle, Hotel; Coleman Lee, Glen Rd.?; James Rogers, Main St.; John Mc Hugh, Ard Connell; Anthony Kennedy, Main St.; Pat McCosker, Glen Rd.; Patrick McGuigan, Ard Connell; ??; Packie Carrabin, Meenahalla;

Kneeling: Padraig Connelly, ?; Gerry Maguire, Glen Rd.; ??; John Gallagher, Church Rd.; Raymond Campbell, Mill Rd.; John Doherty, Ard Patrick; ??; Casimir Mc Gill, Glen Rd.; ??; Patsy McGrath, Mill Rd.; Vincent Connaghan, Ard Connell; Francis Connaghan, Ard Connell;

Standing: Daniel McGeehan, Ard Connell; Miss Minann Kennedy, Teacher; Dom Maguire, Glen Rd.; Christy Molloy, The Rock; ? O’Donnell, Ard Connell; ? McDermott Ard Patrick; ??; Cathal Campbell, Corrbàn; Paul McDermott, Ard Patrick?; ??; Danny McGrath, Meenahalla?; ??; ??; Liam Ward, Mill Rd.; Paddy McDwyer, Kilraine; Tony McFadden, Main St.; ??;

Back Row: Rep. Independent; Miss Frances Brennan, Teacher; Arthur Mc Grath, Bus Driver?; Bus Driver; Kate Quinn, ?;  ??;  Charlie McDyer, Headmaster.

If you know any of the missing names or have any corrections please leave a comment below or email us at

Close-up of Seated


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