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Glenties in its original Irish form “Na Gleanntai” means The Glens. The town is situated where two glens converge into one and just up stream from the meeting of two rivers. Both rivers are renowned for fishing.

Glenties lies at the North West edge of the Blue Stack Mountains and a few kilometres from the sea. It is surrounded by mountains on three of its four sides. Only on its western side does the valley widen out as it get closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

All around the glens and mountains are scenic walks and drives which tempt the visitor into exploration by car, bicycle or foot. Along the rugged coast are bays, beaches and beautiful coastal scenery.

The Town has been described as an oasis by many people who visit. It is the trees and bushes that give the town its appearances as the visitor approaches the town, through or over the almost treeless mountains.

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