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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 10th July 2008

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Proposed by: Joseph Brennan
Seconded by: Hugo McDyre

Councilors in attendance were:

  • Terance Slowey
  • David Alcorn
  • Enda Bonner

Public Toilets

Nothing new since last meeting


All councilors were met at the Tidy Town presentation in Dungloe. Each was given a letter which Paddy read out.

Ard Connell

The work on the water pipes in Ard Connell has been brought up on several occasions at Council meetings. If all Councilor in the area agree then €86,000 will be spent on fixing the problem. It was suggested that if further funding could be found then the footpath could be done at the same time.


The ESB have stated that they will not undertake the upkeep of the lights in Naomh Connaill Close as they are not up to the spec required.


When the list of playgrounds was being produced 18 months ago Loughanure was place at No. 1 since their site was further on and looked like the more feasible project at the time. Since then they have run into problems but as it will cost much less to complete their playground they have remained top of the list. The Glenties playground will cost in the region of €120,000 and will move to the top of the list once Loughanure goes to tender. The competition date for the Glenties playground will be in the first half of 2009.

Sewage Scheme

The County Council has to put up 27% of the total cost; it will take time to get the funding in place. The plans for the scheme have now gone back to Dublin to be checked again and so this will hold the project up some more. The sewage scheme is going to be a long project and it can’t be rushed.


The current plan for the library is to get a temporary place open and then work towards getting a new building. The Community Centre Committee raised some concerns over the requirements from the Library committee but they are still willing to work with them as hopefully it’s only a temporary solution. Terance mentioned an online system that’s being used in the County. Where people reserve their books and pick them up from a collection/drop off point in the town. This could be used to reduce the space needed in the Community Centre.

Tullyard Road

Planning permission was granted to the developers with the condition that if the road was damaged then the developers had to repair it. If the money is received from the remaining developers is will be spent repairing the road. The planning engineers have been asked to follow up on conditions of granted planning. It was pointed out that the road has become very dangerous with young drivers.


Town Renewal Phase 2

The councilors mentioned that the town renewal phase 2 will be coming up and if there’s anything that needs doing should be put in. The bridge needs lights and could even possibly need replacing sometime in the future. The footpath in place on the street is falling apart with large cracks and holes appearing.

Tidy Town

The Tidy Town received €8,000 from the Council and they hope to have the fountain finished by the end of August.


The next meeting will be 18th September


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