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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 12th March 2009

Attendance: 14

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Proposed by: Francis Brennan
Seconded by: Michael O’Donnell

Councillors in attendance 

  • Terence Slowey


The Gardaí are going to try to organise a meeting with local businesses and the crime prevention officer to discuss security and safety in the town.

There will be a retirement party for John McBride in the Highlands Hotel April 3rd and there is an open invitation to the people of the area.

There have been reports of gun fire late at night in the area around the football pitch. If anyone hears or sees anything can they contact the station on 074 95 51080.

It was suggested that a meeting could be organised with the Care of the Aged and Community Alert in relation to helping elderly people in the area with security issues.

Also suggested was that if the bus drivers could be asked to park on the station road when they come to the town on a Friday and Saturday night.

Health Centre

The planning application has not been submitted and the plans have been referred back to head office in Dublin for further approval. From previous corresponds we were told that the money for the project had been put aside but this may now be in jeopardy with further cuts are expected in the April budget.

The suggestion was made to contact all local representatives and try to keep pressure on the project to keep it moving forward. If nothing is done before the next meeting then further action will need to be taken. Terence will ask the local Councillors that are on the Health Forum to get more information on what’s happening.

Terence Slowey


The roads programme was agreed on Monday and Terence read out what roads were going to get done in the area.


The light at the Limelight has been repaired

Sewage Scheme

The tenders for the sewage scheme are due to go out in March

Ard Connell

The work has started to replace the water pipes and when completed the footpaths will also be done.


The contract the Council had with the ESB for the maintenance of public lighting finished at the end of December and the ESB are not looking to renew it. This means that a private company may be brought in to maintain the public lights in the future.

Tidy Town

Tidy Towns in conjunction with Donegal County Council W.e.e.e. Collection Day is on Tuesday 7th April at the Car park of the old National School in Glenties. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all electrical waste Free of charge. Bring your old washing machines, microwaves, TVs, etc. It will be open from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00p.m… Contact the Community Centre for further details at 074 – 9557880.

A Composting workshop and talk on recycling issues will be held in Glenties Community Centre on Wednesday 25th March at 7.00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.


They are holding a meeting with the Timber Coop within the coming days to discuss further plans. Bord na Mona are looking for a 3 year lease and want to see the lease agreement.

DLDC are supplying funding to hire a person 19 hours a week to maintain the GAP walk. Also they are looking into the possibility of restocking the lake so it can be used as a fishing location.

Plans are proceeding on trying to hold a triathlon in the area.

Factory Units

The units are in the final stage and will be finished soon. There have been several enquiries.

The next meeting will be 9th April at 9:00pm in the Highlands Hotel


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