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Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 14th May 2009

Attendance: 5

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Councillors in attendance

  • Terence Slowey


A meeting with the Library Committee was postponed until 19th May.

Sewage Scheme

Letters have been sent to local representatives to keep the project moving forward.

Rural Transport

The route has gone to tender and it is hoped that the service will commence at the end of May and run each Friday.

Terence Slowey


The County Council are seeking expressions of interest for a turnkey development of 20 house in the Glenties Area.

Ard Connell

The new water pipes and footpath have been completed but the road still needs to be done.


The County budget for roads has been cut by €10 million so all road projects in the area have been cut by 40%.


The issue about the library was raised at the last board of management meeting of the Comprehensive School and although they didn’t agree to have a prefab on the school grounds they didn’t rule it out either.


Compliments to all involved


The next meeting will be 11th June at 9:00pm in the Highlands Hotel


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