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Glenties Notes 29th July 2009

Wedding Bells
Congratulations to Breda Gallagher, Buncrubog, and Mick Watters from Galway who were married in Glenties on Saturday last.

Glenties Theatre Musical
Glenties Theatre Workshop presents a Children’s Musical – ‘Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate’ in the Community Centre, Glenties on Friday 31st July at 8 p.m. & Saturday 1st August at 3.00 p.m. also presenting – Glenties Youth performing ‘Mama Mia’. Admission is €5.00 for adults and €3.00 for children.

Congratulations to Jean Campbell, Ard Patrick, Glenties who won a Sitting Room Unit in the Highland Radio Quiz recently.

The Irish Wheelchair Association
The Annual Church Gate Collection for The Irish Wheelchair Association taken recently in Glenties amounted to € 741.00. A sincere ‘Thank You’ to all who contributed.

Congratulations to our U / 12 Girls Team who won the Divisional 2 County Championship in Killygordon on Thursday last when they beat St. Michael’s. The Panel were – Edel Ellis, Megan Byrne, Gemma Byrne, Catherine Mc Gill, Elsa Greene, Stella Greene, Caoimhe Molloy, Joanne Gallagher, Briana Mc Donnell, Rosie Mc Dyre, Amy Carr, Shannagh Quinn, Hannah Molloy, Hayley Coughlan, Orlaith Mc Guinness, Michaela Boyle, Stephanie Airth, Niamh Brennan, Gwendoline Byrne, Deirbhle Ward and Clodagh Boyle.

Congratulations also to the Donegal Ladies U /16 Team who are through to the All Ireland Final against Meath, especially to the two Glenties girls on the Team, Lorraine Molloy and Alanah Mc Donnell; also to the Donegal Ladies Minor Team who are also through to the All Ireland Final with our two girls and a team mate from Fintown, Aoife Mc Devitt on the Minor Team.

Woman of the Match
Congratulations to Aoife Mc Donnell, Glen Road, Glenties who got ‘Woman of the Match’ in the Senior Ladies game against Down on Sunday last, when they were narrowly beaten by a point.

Glenties Harvest Fair
This year’s Festival will run from Thursday 10th September – Sunday 13th September. The committee would like the people of Glenties to start thinking about floats for the annual Float Parade on Sunday 13th September.

Downstrands Family Resource Centre
Unfortunately due to lack of numbers we are unable to hold the Kids Summer Camp in Edeninfagh Hall. Hopefully we may be able to do some other activity with the children there at a later stage.

Graveyard Mass:
Mass will be celebrated in Edeninfagh Graveyard on Sunday 9th August at 3.00 p.m.

Literary Award Winners
The Literary Award Winners at the 2009 Patrick Mac Gill

Summer School were 
– Poetry –
Junior Infants:
3rd ‘A Nothing Box’ by Reka Takacs, Wood School, Ardara. 
2nd ‘Cheeky Chick’ by Nikita Shovlin, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 
1st ‘The Beach’ by Adele King, Meenagowan N.S. Lettermacaward.

Senior Infants: 
3rd ‘Ladybird’ by Caoimhe Ní Bhraonáin, S.N. Mhín Tine Dé, Ardara. 
2nd ‘Froggy Woggy’ by Jason Devenney, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 
1st ‘Saving Water’ by Sabina Balama, Wood School, Ardara. 

First Class: 
3rd ‘Sleeping Skeleton Bones’ by Oliver Long, Wood School, Ardara. 
2nd ‘Boo’ by John Shovlin, Scoil Mhín Tine Dé, Ardara. 
1st ‘Frog City’ by Fionn Gallagher, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara.

Second Class: 
3rd ‘The Sun’ by Meabh Griffin, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Glenties. 
2nd ‘Football’ by Danny Gallagher, St. Riaghan’s N.S. 
1st ‘The Willie Wagtail’ by Daniel Gallagher, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara.

Third Class: 
Highly Commended ‘Halloween’ by Emily O’ Dwyer, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara & ‘Fire’ by Megan Skinnider, Illistrin N.S. Letterkenny.
3rd ‘Mullanmore’ by Cadhla Mc Kenna, Hollystown, Dublin. 
2nd ‘Glenties’ by Nicola Mc Dyer, Meenagowan, N.S. & ‘My Two little Fish’ by Theresa Melly, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties. 
1st ‘The Travelling Spoon’ by Zachery Gillespie, St. Riaghan’s N.S. Glenties.

Fourth Class: 
Highly Commended ‘Snowy Morning’ by Logan Quinn, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & ‘The Bully’ by Roisin Maguire S.N. Mhín tine Dé, Ardara. 
3rd ‘Halloween Hip Hop’ by Sophie Jones, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin. 
2nd ‘The Monster on the Highway’ by Meghan Bonner, Meenagowan N.S. Lettermacaward. 
1st. ‘December’ by Emelia Nethercoat, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.

Fifth Class: 
Highly Commended ‘Snow’ by Sinéad Gallagher, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & ‘Rainbow’ by Kirsty Baskin, Wood School, Ardara. & ‘A Game of Pool’ by Odharnaith Mc Kenna, Hollystown, Dublin. 
3rd ‘The Bully’ by Anton Travers, S.N. Mhí Tine Dé, Ardara. 
2nd ‘Pixies’ by Alison Moore, Kilkenny N.S. Glenties & ‘School’ by Molly Mc Nelis, St. Riaghan’s N.S. 
1st ‘Hurricane’ by Leanne Sweeney, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara & ‘Bees’ by Matthew Billingsley, Wood School, Ardara.

Sixth Class:
Highly Commended ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’ by Emily Sweeney, S.N. Mhín Tine Dé & ‘Morning Poem’ by Ailbhe O’ Donnell, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
3rd ‘The Donegal Mouse’ by Charlene Mc Cready, Meenagowan N.S. 
2nd ‘Witch Witch’ by Thomas Hughes, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
1st ‘Glenties’ by Ryan Moore, Kilkenny N.S.

– Stories – 
Junior Infants: 
3rd ‘Daniel’s Dog Patch’ by Matthew Elliot, Meenagowan N.S. 
2nd ‘Jungleland’ by Thomas O’Shea, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 
1st ‘Bouncy Ben’ by Niamh O’Donnell, Kilkenny N.S.

Senior Infants:
3rd ‘Lightening Mc Queen’ by Eoin Sharkey, Kilkenny N.S. 
2nd ‘My Dog’ by Taleigha Boyle, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 
1st ‘The Sleepy Princess’ by Caitlin Ward, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.

First Class: 
Highly Commended ‘Animal Party’ by Ronan Breslin, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
3rd ‘My Sister Jane’ by Ross Connelly, Niall Mór N.S. Killybegs. 
2nd ‘My Animal Toys’ by Leah Mc Innes, St. Riaghan’s N.S. 
1st ‘Sea Rescue’ by Rachel Mc Loone, Kilkenny N.S.

Second Class: 
3rd ‘News Report’ by Niamh Gallagher, Scoil Mhín Tine Dé. 
2nd ‘An Adventure’ by Sophie Connaughton, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
1st ‘Capturing a Pirate’ by Shana Quinn, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties.

Third Class: 
Highly Commended ‘If I were President’ by Evie Doherty, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin. 
3rd ‘My Peculiar Pet’ by Ailinn Sweeney, Scoil Mhín Tine Dé. 
2nd ‘Mr. Fuzzy’ by Saphran Long, Wood School, Ardara & ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ by Caoimhe Mc Grenra, St. Riaghan’s N.S. 
1st ‘Renn The Wolf’ by Ellie Mc Innes, St. Riaghan’s.

Fourth Class: 
Highly Commended ‘New Baby’ by Jack Flannery, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & ‘The Miracle’ by Manus Mc Dye
r, St. Riaghan’s N.S. & ‘Vanished’ by Daniel Mc Loone, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & The Unfillable Hole’ by Natasha Mc Cole, St. Conal’s N.S. Narin. 
3rd ‘The Map’ by Alonza Kelly, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara. 
2nd ‘My Life as a Peasant’ by Dylan Lynch, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
1st ‘The Genie Story’ by Claire Mc Geehan, St. Riaghan’s N.S.

Fifth Class: 
Highly Commended ‘February’ by Ellie King, Meenagowan N.S. & ‘The Ghost in the Wall’ by J.D. Boyle, St. Riaghan’s N.S. & ‘My Pot of Gold’ by Niamh Farren, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
3rd ‘Deane’s Equestrian Centre’ by Rosalie Purcell, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara & ‘The Unicorn’ by Reece Hanlon, Wood School. 
2nd ‘Encounter with a Bull’ by Cillian Purcell O’Donnell, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties & ‘The Stream of Allah’ by Fionnuala Ní Chuireáin, Scoil Naomh Fionnáin, Falcarragh. 
1st ‘When I went to the North Pole’ by Danny Mc Hugh, Kilkenny N.S.

Sixth Class: 
Highly Commended ‘Spring’ by Evan Spence, Wood School & ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ by Sabia Kelly, St. Mary’s N.S. Ardara & An Iraq Friendship’ by Charles Mc Guinness, Scoil Mhuire, Glenties. 
3rd ‘The Challenge’ by David Keeney, St. Riaghan’s N.S. 
2nd ‘Christmas is Saved’ by Stephen Moore, Kilkenny N.S. 
1st ‘Do I have to Pick?’ by John Mc Dyer, Meenagowan N.S. 

Secondary Schools: 
2nd ‘Elegy’ by Cathal Gallagher, St. Columba’s Comprehensive, Glenties. 
1st ‘Cognac’s Dirge’ by Alice Morris, St. Columba’s Secondary School, Stranorlar.

Adult Poetry: 
Runner up ‘A Poetic Letter from a Navvy’s Room’ by James O’Donnell, Sandyford, Dublin. 
1st ‘Joan in Rembrance 2009’ by Seamus Hayden, Ardara.


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