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Tag: Fastcom

Fastcom Broadband sponsor Glenties Harvest Fair TV

We’re very glad to announce that Fastcom Broadband have agreed to sponsor this year’s Harvest Fair TV by supplying us with a high speed internet connection.

The connection will allow us to stream live video over the duration of the festival from different locations and give the best coverage so far of the Harvest Fair Festival online. From next Thursday 9th September the cameras will be live both here on and on UStream (

To receive updates on when we’re broadcasting follow us on twitter or facebook.

About Fastcom Broadband

From our base in Sligo town, Fastcom’s broadband network provides services to the counties of Sligo, Donegal, Mayo & Leitrim. Unlike many other operators in the market Fastcom’s network is completely independantly owned allowing us to ensure customers receive the highest level of service.  At Fastcom we pride ourselves on offering unriavaled levels of both expertise & service.

Recognising the increased demand for integrated Broadband, Voice & I.T. Solutions  we have developed a broad range of Business offerings that complement our existing broadband offerings that we believe will add real value to your business.

Fastcom Broadband
Fast, Affordable, Reliable Broadband without line rental
Phone: 1890 71 71 71

Harvest Fair TV & Radio Station sponsored by FastCom Broadband

Due to the success of last year’s festival webcam we are planning to go bigger and better this year by doing live video broadcasts online and hopefully live radio broadcasts locally.

Currently the events scheduled to be shown are the opening on Wednesday 10th, the Fair Day on Friday 12th and the Parade on Sunday 14th. The start and end times of each broadcast are yet to be decided.

To help us make this a success we require some help with the following things:

  • We need people to help us test the online broadcasting. We would like people in different parts of the country and even the world to join in with this so we can get a better idea of what’s possible.
  • We require more cameras, the more cameras we have the more we can show of the festival. If you have a video camera that can be used as a webcam or just an ordinary webcam that you wouldn’t mind us borrowing for 2 weeks please let us know. Also if anyone has a business connection that could get us outdoor video cameras that would be brilliant.
  • We need some help with setting up the radio transmitter. If anyone has any experience with radio equipment please let us know.

If you can help us with anything above or if you have any further ideas please contact us at

Finally we’d like to thank our sponsors FastCom Broadband who are supplying our internet connection to make all our online broadcasts happen.

Fast, Affordable, Reliable Broadband without line rental
Phone: 1890 71 71 71