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The 31st Annual MacGill Summer School



The 2011 MacGill Summer School will be held in Glenties, Co Donegal from Sunday, July 24th to Friday, July 29TH inclusive.

The school will again be focused on reforming the Republic and will take up where it left off last year when up to sixty speakers dealt with the economic crisis in which the country finds itself and with the urgent need of reform of our institutions-social, economic and political.

Since last July, the economic crisis has, if anything, deepened with, in particular, the amount of recapitalisation needed by the banking system steadily growing, the state having had to have recourse to the international Monetary Fund and the European Union in order to meet its daily budgetary requirements and keep the economy afloat and unemployment at a record level.  The gap between the

Expenditure of the state and its revenue is unsustainable.


A new government led by Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore took power following the General Election of February 25th.  The Fine Gael/Labour Coalition in its Programme for Government, Government for National Recovery 2011-2016, commits itself to tackling many of the issues raised at the 2010 MacGill Summer School and contained in the publication, The MacGill Report 2010—Reforming the Republic, launched in December last.

“By the end of our term in Government”, they state, “Ireland will be recognised as a modern, fair, socially inclusive and equal society supported by a productive and prosperous economy.”

Apart from confronting the challenges presented by the perilous state of the economy, high unemployment, massive public debt and the crisis in the banking system which, not unexpectedly, are their  priorities, the Government is committed to an extensive programme of reform including constitutional and political reform, public sector reform and reform of the health service and of our education system.

Reform of our political system as well as of the public sector was singled out in Glenties in 2010 as absolutely essential to the task of climbing out of the recession and creating a well governed, economically sound and healthy society.  It was clear that not only do we have an economic crisis but a political crisis as well.  As now agreed by many commentators and members of political parties, our political institutions including the Dail and Seanad are no longer fit for purpose.  As Enda Kenny himself stated two years ago at the 2009 MacGill School in his address, A New Politics for a New Society,

“We cannot fix our economy or create a just society unless and until we also fix our politics.”


At last year’s MacGill School, Dan O’Brien  of the Irish Times said:


Without reform of the political system, the disasters of today, the 1980s and the 1950s are destined to be repeated at potentially ever greater cost.”


The political landscape has, of course, changed utterly, at least on the surface, following the General Election in February and the implications of this development will be analysed at the 2011 MacGill.   More importantly perhaps, so also will the proposals of the new Government for fundamental reform of our political institutions, including the houses of the Oireachtas themselves, and the progress being made towards their implementation.  Our education system as well has featured many times in the MacGill deliberations and, recognised as it is as one of the key factors in our prospects for recovery, will be high on the agenda of the School in 2011.  So also will the health service which has featured so often in the debates in Glenties.

Whilst bearing in mind that the new Government will have been in office for a little more than a hundred days and its priority will be to get its strategy to deal with our dire economic situation underway, MacGill will provide an important and timely opportunity to look at what has been begun, what more there is to do and how and when it is going to be done.

Involved in our daily symposia will be members of the Government itself, representatives of the opposition parties, heads of business and industry, economists, trade union leaders, academics and journalists—and, of course, the very well informed and concerned members of our audiences for MacGill prides itself on its tradition of being a very democratic institution.


Joe Mulholland

MacGill Summer School 1981 – 2011

History and achievements:

The MacGill Summer School has been in existence for thirty one years.  It was founded in 1981 in Glenties in Co. Donegal to celebrate the memory of local writer, Patrick MacGill, whose books in the first decades of the twentieth century on the social conditions in Donegal, the plight of migrant workers in Britain and the horrors of the Great War in which he fought as a soldier of the London Irish Rifles are still being published.


Narin & Portnoo Golf Club Notes 8th June 2011

James Quinn’s senior team did just enough last Thursday to progress to the next round. Two and a half matches were obtained the previous week in Dunfanaghy and the away team really went for it in Narin. Matches were tight and the result was in the balance for some time. Frankie Kennedy and Mairtín Ó hIarnáin won their match for Narin and Portnoo, as did Hughie Moy and Conal Keeney. Willie Quinn and Eamon McGill got a vital half on the last to get the home team to an aggregate of five matches and with the holes situation so favourable, the last match was called in. The club will face Rosapenna in the next round.

The Am-Am was a mixed weather bag, with golfers getting sunburn on Saturday and soaked to the skin on Sunday. Bart Whelan, Hughie Moy, George Doherty and Seamus Ryan outlasted the field to win a narrow victory by virtue of a better second round score and theirs was a popular win. Their scores of 92 on Saturday and 93 on Sunday were phenomenal, but two other teams ran them very close. Patsy Harkin, Anthony Harkin, Lyle Taggart and our captain, Brian McGonagle finished on the same total, while overnight leaders, Eamon McGill, Don Earley, Shane Whittington and Gerard McCabe finished a shot further back. Eagles were recorded on the 13th over the two days by Finnian O’Doherty and Alan Elliott, helping their respective team scores considerably.

Conal McNelis won last Wednesday’s Open on a break-off-tie from Stephen Cullen in second. Conal’s score of 38 points was excellent considering the toughness of the day. Martin Regan’s hole-in-one at the 7th earned him his own slice of personal history and eight balls for his collection.

Our Donegal League side fared less well, losing 3.5 to 1.5 in the home leg. Ciaran O’Kane and Joseph McLoone won on seventeen, while Eamon McGill and Don Earley managed to extract a half out of their match. Team captain, Patrick Boyle will be hoping for an improvement in fortunes in the return and we wish the lads well.

Due to the inclement weather in May, the Dr. McCloskey Singles Matchplay will be re-drawn on July 1st. This is a club fundraiser. The entry fee of €10 per player and contact numbers should be given to the Pro Shop. The first prize is one year’s free membership.

Summer coaching for juniors resumed on Saturday last, with PGA professionals Connor Mallon and Daragh Lyons conducting lessons in three categories. These will continue every Saturday right through the summer. The time-slots are as follows: Under 10s from 2 to 3p.m.; Under 14s from 3 to 4p.m.; Under 18s from 4 to 5p.m. For Registration call 0749545107. The fee per lesson is only 5 euro per child.

May 25: Wednesday Open:
1. Conal McNelis (20) 38; 2. Stephen Cullen (15) 38 b.o.t.; 3. Ciaran Gallagher (19) 37; CSS 74; Twos: 2 balls; Hole-in-one for Martin Regan on 7.
May 29: Am-Am
1. Bart Whelan, Hughie Moy, George Doherty, Seamus Ryan 92/93 185 b.o.t.; 2. Patsy Harkin, Anthony Harkin, Lyle Taggart, Brian McGonagle 95/90 185; 3. Eamon McGill, Don Earley, Shane Whittington, Gerard McCabe 97/87 184; 4. A. Elliott, M. Sweeney, T. Barrett, H.F. Shovlin 176; 5. P. McGinley, S. McKelvey, F. McGinley, J. McGinley 174; 6. P. Breslin, S. Byrne, S. Cullen, K. Byrne 171; 7. C. Keeney, J. Molloy, T. Gildea, S. Connaughton 170 b.o.t.; N. Quinn, J. Quinn, W. Quinn, C. Quinn 170; Best Saturday: N. Shovlin, B. McDevitt, B. Tonry, M. Cunningham 93; Best Sunday: R. Hill, J. Kelly, D. McGinley, T. Patton 92; Closest to pin on 16th: David Barber; Longest drive by a lady on 4th: Marie Walsh; Longest drive by a gent on 4th: Finnian O’Doherty;

June 12: Clock Tower Monthly Medal;
June 15: Wednesday Open, ladies and gents, single stableford, 20 euro entry for G.U.I. visitors, including green fee;