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Tag: Results

Narin & Portnoo Golf Club Ladies Competition Results 9th August 2011

Lady President Narin/Portnoo Golf Club, Ann Hayden presenting the winner of Lady President’s Prize 2011 to Bridie Moore

Thursday 28th July, 2011
Claire Bonar & Eithne Devlin’s Prize
4 Ball,  Better Ball

Winners: Maire Walsh (9) & Margaret Boomer (14) 36pts B.O.T

Tuesday 2nd August, 2011
Margaret Murphy & Breege O’Keeffe’s Prize

Category A (0-20)
Winner: Nan Quinn (17) 34pts B.O.T
2nd: Wendy Patterson (20) 34pts

Category B (21-36)
Winner: Marie McGovern (23) 39pts B.O.T
2nd: Elaine Patterson (28) 39pts

Saturday, 6th August, 2011
Lady President’s Prize

Winner: Bridie Moore (36) 69 nett B.O.T
2nd: Marie McGovern (22) 69 nett
Gross: Margaret Roarty (11) 81 Gross
3rd: Deirdre Carroll (19) 71 nett B.O.T
4th: Rena Boyle (22) 71 nett
5th: Aedel Whitten (30) 72 nett B.O.T
1st Nine: Annette McGettigan (13) 34 nett
2nd Nine: Mai McCann (12) 33 nett

Results for Narin & Portnoo Golf Club, Ladies Branch

It’s been a very busy few weeks for Narin/Portnoo Ladies, starting off with the first Major of 2011; Mr Captain’s Prize to the Ladies. July’s Open Day was a great success, played in perfect conditions (for some of us) which was reflected in the very nice scores.

Lady Captain’s Day couldn’t have been played in nicer conditions. Everyone was welcomed by Bernie and presented with a lovely goody bag and snacks for out the course so there were no excuses not to do well!! There was a great turnout for the golf, dinner and presentation later that night. Congratulations to Bernie on what was a very enjoyable and memorable day. Congratulations to all the prizewinners.

The next major to be played will be Lady President’s Prize on Saturday 6th August. And then we have Open Week starting 8th – 13th August, with Ladies Open Day on Tuesday 9th August, sponsored by Public Image Hair Salon, Ballybofey.


Tuesday 21st June, 2011
Mr Captain’s Prize to the Ladies

Winner: Mary Nicholson (15) 73 net (B.O.T)
2nd Nan Quinn (17) 73 nett
3rd Agnes Shovlin (26) 75 net (B.O.T)
1st Nine: Maureen Gildea (28) 36 nett
2nd Nine: Beatrice McDevitt (31) 36.5

Tuesday 28th June, 2011
Breast Cancer Research, Sponsored by Margaret Roarty & Patricia McDaid

Winner Category A: Mary Nicholson (15) 38pts
Winner Category B: Goretti Cunningham (21) 31pts
2nd: Eithne Devlin (18) 36pts
3rd: Wendy Patterson (19) 32pts
1st Nine: Annette McGettigan (13) 19pts (B.O.T)
2nd Nine: Ruth Cahill (27) 16pts (B.O.T)

Tuesday 5th July 2011
Helen Shepard’s Prize

Winner: Mai McCann, 71 nett
2nd: Goretti Cunningham 71 nett
3rd: Susan Thompson 72 nett
1st Nine: Maureen Gildea 31 nett
2nd Nine: Agnes Shovlin 35 nett

Tuesday 12th July, 2011
4 Ball, Better Ball In Aid of Hospice,
Sponsored by Maureen Cunningham & Maureen Gildea

Winners: Lisa Patton/Deirdre Patton 44pts
2nd: B. Morrisey/M. Grant 39pts

Tuesday 19th July, 2011
Open Day
Sponsored by Narin/Portnoo Golf Shop

Winner Category A: Mai McCann (12) 37pts (B.O.T)
2nd: Maire Walsh (9) 37pts
Winner Category B: Gráinne O’Haire 38pts
2nd: Deirdre Patton 36pts
Winner Category C: Elaine Patterson 39pts
2nd: Beatrice McDevitt 34pts
1st Nine: Breege O’Keeffe (17) 21pts
2nd Nine: Bridie Doherty (20) 20

Saturday, 23rd July, 2011
Lady Captain, Bernie Tonry’s Prize

Winner: Elaine Patterson (31) 70nett
Runner-Up: Eithne Devlin (17) 71nett (B.O.T)
Gross: Maire Walsh (9) 83
3rd: Cooney (20) 71nett
4th: Anne Mone (16) 72nett (B.O.T)
5th: Francess Shovlin (20) 72nett
6th: Libby Shovlin (36) 73nett
1st Nine: Margaret Boomer (14) 34nett
2nd: Elaine Thompson (10) 35nett
Past Captain: Eileen Kennedy (17) 78nett
Committee Prize: Cathy Quinn (17) 79nett (B.O.T)
Visitor’s Prize
Winner: Brid Ui Chearnaigh, Gweedore G.C., (14) 38pts
Lady Captain’s Prize to the Gentlemen
Winner: Sean Callaghan (19) 39pts (B.O.T)
2nd: Daniel McGeehan (16) 39pts
Male Guest: Mr. Captain, Brian McGonagle (15) 34pts
Lady Guest: Julie Mundy

Narin & Portnoo Golf Club Ladies Branch Results 10th May 2011

Tuesday 12th April – Colet Bonar’s Prize

Winner: Annette McGettigan (14) 37pts
2nd: Eileen Kennedy (17) 36pts
3rd: Nan Quinn (17) 32pts
1st Nine: Goretti Cunningham (21) 18pts B.O.T
2nd Nine: Eithne Devlin (18) 18pts

Tuesday 19th April – Joan McCole’s Prize

Winner: Annette McGettigan (13) 39pts
2nd: Rena Boyle (22) 38pts
3rd: Wendy Patterson (19) 38pts
1st Nine: Grainne Cafferty (16) 20pts
2nd Nine: Agnes Shovlin (27) 20pts

Sunday 24th April – Mary O’Callaghan’s Prize

Winner: Breege O’Keeffe (17) 35pts

Tuesday 26th April – Mai McCann’s Prize

Winner: Rena Boyle (21) 66nett
2nd Goretti Cunningham (21) 72nett

Congratulations to Lady Vice Captain, Nora Shovlin scoring a hole in one on the 16th recently.