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Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 15th January 2009

Attendance: 7

Minutes of previous meeting were read
Proposed by: Conal Keeney
Seconded by: Mary Gormley

Apologies from: 

  • Terence Slowey 
  • Francis Brennan 
  • Michael O’Donnell


A letter from Terence Slowey was read, which had been sent to the council seeking clarification on why the premises on the Main Street was turned down.


It was decided that a letter should be sent to the Gardaí seeking a meeting to raise the concerns over recent problems in the area.

Health Centre

The health centre is still on target for the timescale that had been discussed in previous meetings.

Timber Coop

A letter was read from the Timber Coop stating that they were looking for premises in the area to setup an area depot. They are to be invited to the next meeting to discuss their requirements and to offer any support that may be needed.

Letters from Terence Slowey

Other letters from Terence Slowey were read out in relation to the manhole cover on The Rock and a letter he had received from the ESB on the 110Kv line.


The next meeting will be 12th February at 9:00pm in the Highlands Hotel

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 11th December 2008

Attendance: 9

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Proposed by: Conal Keeney
Seconded by: Mary Gormley

Councilors in attendance were:

  • Terence Slowey

Mulantyboyle Bridge

Was damaged again but has now been repaired.

Health Centre

The planning application will be in the newspaper in January


The location viewed on the main street was deemed as not suitable but no reasons were given. Terrance is going to check this to see why it’s not suitable


A letter from the Superintendent about the 2009 policing policy was read. It asked for any suggestion on how the policing of the area could be improved. It was said that in recent weeks the call outs by the Garda have been poor with them refusing to deal with some situations when asked.

From Terence Slowey

Sewage Scheme

The consultants will have the plans ready for next April and they will go to the Department in Dublin then. There was a meeting on the capital budget with the Glenties scheme being budgeted for €6,010,000. €4,387,300 of this amount comes from DEHLG Grants and the County Council have to make up the remaining €1,622,700, in the current financial climate this could be very difficult. The Ardara scheme was tendered at €6.5m but the final cost was €10.5m. The point was raised that developers in the area are still being charged fees towards the sewage scheme but are expected to put in their own sewage system.

Social Housing

The social housing scheme of 20 houses that was planned may now be cut back to 8.


Glenties is next to go when money comes available.


There are some lights out in the town and rural areas.


Terrance is still pushing to get the Tullyard road repaired and the Altar road has been brought to his attention.

110kv Line

Planning has been applied for through the Critical Infrastructure Bill. It was originally turned down by An Bord Pleanála before but is now hoped that it’s ok and will be passed. The County Manager can still make a report to An Bord Pleanála if problems arise from the plans. The project is to start mid next year with a 2 year construction schedule and costing €26m. The plan is on display and was in the local newspapers.

Industrial Units

They are waiting on the ESB to finish power connections but should be completed in February.


The next meeting will be 15th January at 9:00pm in the Highlands Hotel

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 13th November 2008

Attendance: 20

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Proposed by: Francis Brennan
Seconded by: John Gallagher

Councilors in attendance were:

  • Terrance Slowey

Suicide Prevention

A letter of support was sent on behalf of the Parish Council. It’s hoped that the funding will be available before the end of the year.

Rural Transport

The proposed meeting ran with a good attendance from local groups. No further word since.

Mulantyboyle Bridge

A letter was read from the Executive Engineer requesting further information.

Health Centre

The project is currently at Stage 2. The planning application is hoped to be ready for December ’08 with a start date in June ’09 and to be completed for July ’10.

Treasurer’s Report

There is over €900 in the bank after the Church Gate collections

Terrance Slowey

Sewage Scheme

The main contract for the sewage scheme is nearly complete and should be approved by the Department before the end of the year.

Clois Naomh Conaill

A new snag list has been submitted to the housing department.

Tullyard Road

The planning permissions granted to the development on the road are to be rechecked.

Housing Advertising

There are plans for local authority housing developments for the Glenties area and these will be advertised.


Faulty lights have been repaired and the pole on the station road has been replaced.

Ard Connell

The money is in place for the piping and footpath work which will take place early next year.


The Glenties playground is now next on the list.

Water Meters

A private company has been hired to put meters on all non-domestic premises. Some of these premises have received letters from the company but never met the people as the letter states. Some of the charges that have been requested are outrageous and will be contested.

Frosses Road

The road was closed due to flooding caused by dumping by the Council.


The library committee still haven’t come back to the Community Centre Committee. There is now the possibility of other premises on the main street.

Election of New Committee

Current member stepped down.

Nominations for Chairman

Paddy Gallagher           –           Proposed by John Gallagher
Seconded by Christine Boyle
Paddy Gallagher is elected as Chairman

Nominations for Vice Chairman

Conal Keeney                –           Proposed by Francis Brennan
Seconded by Paddy Gallagher
Conal Keeney is elected as Vice Chairman

Nominations for Secretary

Joseph Brennan            –           Proposed by Mary Gormley
Seconded by James Griffin
Joseph Brennan is elected as Secretary

Nominations for PRO

Michael O’Donnell         –           Proposed by Paddy Gallagher
Seconded by Francis Brennan
Michael O’Donnell is elected as PRO


The next meeting will be 11th December at 9:00 in Highlands Hotel

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 18th September 2008

Attendance: 11

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Proposed by: John Gallagher
Seconded by: Bernie McLoone

Councilors in attendance were:

  • Terance Slowey

Suicide Prevention

A letter was read from the suicide prevention initiative. They are seeking funding and would like a letter of support from the Parish Council.


Rural Transport

The Rural Bus Scheme would like to extend to cover the Glenties area. There will be a meeting on Monday night in the Community centre. They hope to be running early next year.


Ard Connell

Funding has been secured to replace the footpath. Plus while the footpath is being done the water pipes will also be replaced.



The ESB have repaired all faulty lights in Glenties. Lights in Naomh Connaill Close have to be checked by the ESB. There is still a pole on the station that has to be replaced.



The tender has gone in for Loughanure and hopefully Glenties will now be next.


Sewage Scheme

The final tender documents are to be submitted at the end of September or early October.


Tullyard Road

Terrance has brought the state of the road to the attention of the planning department. They have been tols the road can’t be left in its current state.


Delegation to Council

It was suggested that the Parish Council should submit a request to the County Council to be able to do a presentation to all elected members.


Mulantyboyle Bridge

The pillar at the bridge has been knocked into the river and this has made it very dangerous at night.


Terrance Slowely

Donegal County Council are in negation with two developers for turnkey developments in Glenties.

The LIS roads programme for 2009 is being put together and the closing date is the end of October.


Health Centre

Some ground testing was done and if currently ongoing.



The Councillors have been contacted and positive response was received. It is still in the early planning stage and is pushing ahead. The next step is to address Donegal County Council and then seek funding. It is going to be at least a 3 year project.


Tidy Towns

Congratulations to all involved


Harvest Fair

Congratulations to the Harvest Fair Committee


The next meeting will be 9th October at 9:00 in Highlands Hotel

Parish Council AGM

The 2nd AGM of the Glenties Parish Council will take place on Thursday October 23rd in the Highland Hotel, Glenties. It is hoped that there will be a large attendance.

Over the past two years the Parish Council have lobbied to have a new health centre built, this project has progressed with the support of our elected representatives. We continue to lobby to have a new sewerage treatment facility built for Glenties. While this project has made some progress we need to continue to highlight the inadequacy of the existing system. We have made representations on behalf of certain roads, footpaths, water schemes and public lighting with considerable success. We continue to support all other local committees in any way we can.

In light of the fact that there will be Local Elections in 2009 and the bleak economic outlook it is very important that we have a strong committee and have the parish well represented. It is the experience of the Glenties Parish Council that when representation is made by the Council to Council Officials, Councillors, or Public Representatives it carries more weight than individual representation.

So please come and attend the A.G.M. and inject some new blood/ideas into the Glenties Parish Council

Abbreviated minutes of GARRC meeting Sept 4th

Present: Martin Breslin, Ann McGill, Christopher Nethercoat, Ann Conaghan

Apologies: Francis Brennan, Ann Gallagher, Rosmaery Dewhurst.

1. Election of officers and responsibilities.
Christopher Nethercoat as Secretary, Ann McGill as Treasurer, Martin Breslin as Parish Council liaison officer. Ann Conaghan to assume responsibility for funding guidance.

2. Constitution of GARRC.
Meeting agreed to continue as community group pro-tem, but we would need limited liability status in very near future.

3. Politician’s responses so far.
CN reported in detail on the very positive contacts and assistance offered and/or already provided by; Brian O’Domnhaill, Terence Slowey, Pat the Cope and Pearse Doherty. CN to follow through with a meeting with Terence Slowey, and with submission of a Leader Programme Expression of Interest form (for funding) to Donegal Local Development Co Ltd.

4. Application for expenses funding from DCC member’s allocation.
AMc (Treasurer) to complete and submit form. AMc also to explore opening GARRC bank account.

5. Delegation visit to DCC area members.
CN to write to Corporate Manager Dungloe, to request a presentation meeting with Area councillors.

6. Overall project development strategy.
Meeting agreed first priority to establish status of Glenties old Fire station site, and attempt to secure that site for GAARC.

7. Admin matters and A.O.B. Meeting agreed to leave project name as is. CN to continue using own resources to produce PC/printer letters until funding available for proper letterheads. MB to report on this meeting Parish Council.

Next meeting date. T.B.A.

N.B. CN has subsequently met with Terence Slowey (who is offering unqualified support and advice), has now written to DCC requesting a meeting with the full Area Committee, and is submitting an Expression of Interest application for LEADER funding.

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 10th July 2008

Minutes of previous meeting were read

Proposed by: Joseph Brennan
Seconded by: Hugo McDyre

Councilors in attendance were:

  • Terance Slowey
  • David Alcorn
  • Enda Bonner

Public Toilets

Nothing new since last meeting


All councilors were met at the Tidy Town presentation in Dungloe. Each was given a letter which Paddy read out.

Ard Connell

The work on the water pipes in Ard Connell has been brought up on several occasions at Council meetings. If all Councilor in the area agree then €86,000 will be spent on fixing the problem. It was suggested that if further funding could be found then the footpath could be done at the same time.


The ESB have stated that they will not undertake the upkeep of the lights in Naomh Connaill Close as they are not up to the spec required.


When the list of playgrounds was being produced 18 months ago Loughanure was place at No. 1 since their site was further on and looked like the more feasible project at the time. Since then they have run into problems but as it will cost much less to complete their playground they have remained top of the list. The Glenties playground will cost in the region of €120,000 and will move to the top of the list once Loughanure goes to tender. The competition date for the Glenties playground will be in the first half of 2009.

Sewage Scheme

The County Council has to put up 27% of the total cost; it will take time to get the funding in place. The plans for the scheme have now gone back to Dublin to be checked again and so this will hold the project up some more. The sewage scheme is going to be a long project and it can’t be rushed.


The current plan for the library is to get a temporary place open and then work towards getting a new building. The Community Centre Committee raised some concerns over the requirements from the Library committee but they are still willing to work with them as hopefully it’s only a temporary solution. Terance mentioned an online system that’s being used in the County. Where people reserve their books and pick them up from a collection/drop off point in the town. This could be used to reduce the space needed in the Community Centre.

Tullyard Road

Planning permission was granted to the developers with the condition that if the road was damaged then the developers had to repair it. If the money is received from the remaining developers is will be spent repairing the road. The planning engineers have been asked to follow up on conditions of granted planning. It was pointed out that the road has become very dangerous with young drivers.


Town Renewal Phase 2

The councilors mentioned that the town renewal phase 2 will be coming up and if there’s anything that needs doing should be put in. The bridge needs lights and could even possibly need replacing sometime in the future. The footpath in place on the street is falling apart with large cracks and holes appearing.

Tidy Town

The Tidy Town received €8,000 from the Council and they hope to have the fountain finished by the end of August.


The next meeting will be 18th September

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 12th June 2008

The meeting was opened by the Chairman. The minutes of the previous meeting were read, proposed and seconded.

Public Toilets

Nothing new to repost since last meeting


Martin Breslin said he had received nothing form the last push on the councillors and was told by Terance Slowey that Loughanure is still on top of the list and Glenties wouldn’t get the support needed from the other Councillors. The point was made that this shows how Glenties is losing support due to the lack of public representatives in the area. Being number 2 on the list means that we have to wait until Loughanure is finished or close to being finished before we can finish our playground.

Martin suggested that the Parish Council should do something coming up to next year’s local elections and maybe the possibility of putting forward a community candidate. It was suggested that letters should be sent to the papers explaining how Glenties is being left behind.

The point was raised that people in the area are of the opinion that the playground belongs to the playschool but this is not right. The play is separate to everything and will be a public amenity.


Although the museum was offered for use by the library, the library committee turned it down and you rather use the community centre. The Community Centre Committee have said that they are happy to do what’s needed if the library wants to use the centre.

Health Centre

Paddy read a letter received from Pat “The Cope” Gallagher. Progress is being made and detailed drawings should be available next month.

Industrial Units

Nothing new to report since last meeting


The mounted unit has been requested for the Fair Day this year.

The point was raised that parking in Dr. McCloskey Crescent on Saturday nights is becoming a problem. The meeting was told that the parking laws in the town were now being strictly enforced and people should be careful where they park or they’ll get a parking fine.

It was suggested that having a coach parking area could an advantage to the town with the increased number of coach tours passing through the town this year. The bray was put forward as a possible place and the council will be pressed for signs.

If anyone has in problems in the town they should phone the Garda Station on 074 95 51108. There’s someone there 24 hours a day.


The point was raised that the people of the town have been having problems with the water supply from time to time. The meeting was told that there was no water on the bray face for around 14 hours the night before. The current water supply is under a group scheme and there is no sign of the Council adopting the scheme. The trustees need to be found and contacted to what the current situation is with the scheme.


Glenties Area Resource Centre

250 questionnaires were distributed and over 100 responses were received. The final results will be used to get politicians on board for seeking funding for projects in the town. It is stilled planned to be a 2-3 year plan and it’s only starting now. The plan is to use the site of the old fire station and while the project is ongoing it should stop the Council from selling the building.

Next meeting Thursday 10th July at 9:00 in Highlands Hotel

Minutes of Meeting Thursday 8th May 2008


Intended meeting with the council due the previous Wednesday didn’t take place due to some council members being unable to attend.
Tidy Towns are to get a quotation for paint and submit it to the council.


Lights not working were repaired except one out the Ardara road.
The leaning pole out the station road was reported to the ESB.


A letter was read out from the council and it now looks like the Glenties playground will not be completed in time for the Tidy towns competition.
It was reported at the meeting that letters were sent to all the Co. Councillors looking for their assistance and only Terence Slowey and Padraig O’Doherty replied.

Health Centre

Work is continuing and in 3 months time the project should be ready to go to planning.


Contractor was contacted the previous Thursday to say that a cheque was ready for him but it hadn’t been collected.
There are ongoing delays with the ESB and the electrician is ready to go back to work as soon as the ESB is sorted.


There was a meeting with the Co. Council and they looked at the Community Centre and also the Museum
After this the Museum committee reported that the Museum was available.


We are awaiting a report on correspondence with the ethnic groups.
It was brought to the attention of the Garda present that some vandalism had taken place the previous Saturday night, flower pots overturned etc and this was to be brought to the attention of the units on patrol.

Harvest Fair (Me Gurks)

It is still hoped that the amusements will be erected in front of the new gym at the comprehensive.
There was a question regarding the safety etc of Me Gurks but it was reported at the meeting that their equipment is checked out on a regular basis and their record down the years is very good.
Regarding the Harvest Fair festival everything is on track at the moment with bigger and better plans than last year.


Engineers have been in town checking out lines etc so there is some progress.

Water Supply

Some problems reported with the quality of the water in Ard Connel. Water is reported as being dirty sometimes.


Problem with broken footpaths in Ard Conne! which has been reported to the Co. Council but nothing has been done.

Town Renewal Scheme

This matter was discussed but no decisions taken

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 10th April 2008

The meeting was opened by the Chairman. The minutes of the previous meeting were read, proposed and seconded.


Terence Slowey

Old Fire Station

The point was raised that new fire station has a debt and one way the Council could sort this is by selling the old fire station

Health Centre

A press release from Pat the Cope was read. The design team has now been appointed and the team will now immediately set about getting plans. The construction is to commence beginning of 2009 and to finish within the year.


Eileen Burges / Ciara Donaghey is to meet with the Community Centre Committee about the use of the centre for the library. Martin Breslin mentioned lobbying for a broader project with a library in the middle as it’s hard to get money for a standalone project. Martin proposed forming a committee to move forward the idea of a family / resource centre with a library.

A letter is to be sought form the Council to say that the fire station is for the library and will not be sold.

Short term there is still a need to get the library back. It was felt that this would not hamper the bigger picture of getting a family / resource centre. The old fire station and public toilets would then be a good site for the bigger project incorporating library, resource centre, toilets and meeting rooms. To find out from the community is there a need for something like the Dolmen Centre. A survey is to be distributed by Martin and Chris and the results to be returned hopefully for the June meeting.

Martin has a small group together. This type of project would take 3-5 years. Enquires will be made to the County Council about handing over the public toilet. The County Council would need to be in cooperation with the group on this if possible.


Paddy was been speaking to Terence Slowely. All roads that there are problems with should be brought to his attention and he will try and get something done.

Public Toilets

County Council to look about getting paint, no further update


There is a Civic Garda but all guards are encouraged to get involved in the community.

Drug meeting: only 7-8 parents attended. Janet Dean is holding a class and the 8-8 parents have joined.

The Gardaí have some contact with the ethnic minorities and will get more information.


James had noted there are 7 lights not working. Paul Doherty was to fix last week, apologising for the delay. James to be contacted tomorrow and they will be fixed.


No update

Famine Graveyard

Letter is to be sent to John Hegarty Exe. Engineer outlining how many signs are wanted and where they are to go. Tidy Towns will probably have a say on the sign type. The sign on the bridge has been cleaned up by the tidy towns committee. The point was raised that if you have Irish on the sign there is a 50% grant.

Tidy Towns

All the businesses in the town have been approached and there is good support. There is a Meeting tomorrow night at 7:30 in relation to same. They are still very disappointed with the attitudes of the county council. County Councillors have been invited but not to have a platform just to listen.


Nothing to report

Ethnic Minorities

Gardaí are in contact with leaders for ethnic minorities to get more information


Harvest Fair

Issue of McGurks and a new site as the old site seems very small and has the potential for accidents. Chapel car park was mentioned but the Harvest Fair Committee confirmed that they have already tried and it has been rejected. The new car park at the side of the new gym at the comp this to be looked into.

The Gardaí were commended for the traffic control last year and hope that the same will be in place this year.

Pedestrian Crossing

Again no decision was made in relation to new crossing at the comp. Brian Connon said that bigger towns haven’t got one.


Committee is at the last stages. Site hasn’t been transferred over to the County Council so this has delayed things but should be transferred within the next week. Money still hasn’t come through. As much work as possible being done before the site is handed over to be finished. There was a problem with the sewer at the site and the playground committee replaced at their expense.

The question was raised if the site would be tidy for the tidy towns. Martin to find out what they have to do and what the county council so that there won’t be any overlapping. It will become County Council property in the near future so it will be in their hands after that.

It’s not likely that it will be finished this summer. Martin is pushing Enda and the County Council to get ahead of other applicants as the site is ready to go where as other applicants are still looking for funding. The Tidy towns committee are not happy with this because of the 50th celebrations and the state of the site. The Parish council to write to the County Council to set the wheels in motion to try and get done before the 50th Celebrations.

Francis advised that a sign could be put up “that it’s under construction”. This would then mean that in relation to tidy town it would be taken in consideration.

Playground committee and the tidy towns to meet

Church Road Industrial Units

Grant has been confirmed and will be in within a few days. ESB still not installed. When the ESB gets connected it will still take 6 weeks to finish. When power goes on there is a grant for ESB €25,000. It’s going at a snail’s pace but getting there. More funding to be sought form community groups as there is a shortfall of €23,000 – €40,000.

There are currently 3 people for units and 1 for office space. The units are suitable for small manufacturing.

Better update for the next meeting


It was asked if there was any update on getting the traders to participate in the the parish council.

ESB Pole

There is a pole falling down on the station road. This is a safety issue and should be replaced. James is to chase up.

Lights on bridge

A sub committee is to be set up regarding same. Paddy has obtained plans.


Next meeting Thursday 8th May at 9:00 in Highlands Hotel